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I don't think I have posted anything on CineTV myself, but on hive I used to post on Threespeak, DTube and did live streams on VIMM.

  1. I very rarely link back to my old content, I mostly just watch it myself or with my friends very rarely for some nostalgia feeling
  2. I personally wouldn't mind someone re-using my content, especially if it's past payout on Hive. I would still be happy that for one someone actually saw/watched my content and secondly it would give promotion for my name too.
    (I would like the person re-using my content for their own purposes to refer me at the very least as the creator of the content).
  3. I don't think I would change my content if there was a way to get payouts after the 7 day threshold, my goals with posting are mostly to give value to the whole hive ecosystem rather to make 5-10 bucks off of it (even though it is nice xD)
  4. I'm sorry, I haven't used CineTV myself. I have heard about it and I've seen the CINE tokens in my hive-engine wallets moving back and forth sometimes, but never got to using the actual site.
    I should actually check it out as I like writing reviews, but my problem would be that I don't like watching Shows or series. I get that the site is mostly for TV Show and movie reviews, but are game reviews also welcomed ?

Yeah I just wanted to give some answers for the survey, even though it won't probably give you much since I'm not a user of CineTV.