Revisiting Castlevania


I am not sure if I have blogged about it in the past... Chances are I have..

Anyways, Castlevania is a show I thoroughly enjoyed when it first came out on Netflix. In case you are unfamiliar with it, it is an American adult animated dark fantasy action television series produced for Netflix and inspired by the game series of the same name by konami.

Now, my only regret is binge watching each season in the same day it came out. And then waiting a year to watch the next one, without remembering much of the last one. Binge watching is great when you are loser with nothing better to do like me.. But the human brain can only take so much in 24 hours. Let alone remember after a year. Which means you don't get to notice and enjoy all the finer details.

And since I had enjoyed the show so much I had promised to revisit it one day...only this time I would take it slowly to take everything in one hundred per cent.

And that's what I did the past three weeks, watching a max of three episodes a day.

Now, before sharing my thoughts I want to say that I have only played one Castlevania game on the Gameboy, and it was probably a shitty adaptation since I can't recollect much from the gameplay, let alone the lore. Essentially, I am a game virgin. So I have no idea if it stays true to the lore...not that I care :)

Anyways. Tldr. It's a fucking masterpiece!

Animation? I have no complaints. There are a few cases here and there that were meh, probably to cut in budget but those moments were really scarce. In 99% of the series it was a pleasure to the eyes. Especially the last fight with death... Fuck....just so epic. As someone once can just take a random screenshot from that fight and it would make a perfect screen background. It's true. I tried it 😂

Voice acting? Same. From the main protagonists to the smaller roles, everyone did a great job. Imo it's on par with japanese anime and that's not an easy task.

Plot/Story? Again, I thoroughly enjoyed it. And what I loved even more was the character building on the smaller roles. Fuck, even some of the night creatures get to share their story to an extent! That was certainly unexpected and fun. And did I say it's a better love story than the Titanic!?

I also loved the "gaming" vibes, like how the final fight resembles bosses of games in the 90s (big ass static boss in the middle) or how Trevor builds the final weapon, piece by piece.

Music? Epic, especially during the fights.

So yeah. It was just that good, if not better. So good, I can totally ignore the occasional imperfections.

If you haven't watched it, go get yourself a Netflix subscription and do, lol. It will be worth it just for this show.

Now, excuse me as I'll go revisit the continuation of the show, Castlevania Nocturne. If memory serves me right, it wasn't that good but still good enough!

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I finished watching now. castlevania nocturna 1 series. I wonder how many characters will return.


Other than alucard and dracula, all humans I presume are dead due to 400 year time skip


The Romance of the Morana and the Striga. otherwise blacksmiths should have no problem becoming vampires. or Sant-germen magic can do a lot after all 😉


I stand corrected. Sant Germen would be fun to watch again :)


Looks like you're a huge fan of this one. I haven't heard about it before. Recently binge watched Vinland Saga and feels the same way.

Going to watch this one!!



Never played the games but quite enjoyed this series. If you liked castlevania can I please suggest you watch (if you haven’t already) vampire hunter D and also Vampire hunter D: Bloodlust IMO absolute masterpieces as is ninja scroll


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I remember playing some of the castlevania games as a kid. I haven't watched the show though. I'll throw it on my backlog.


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