🍿🎥 The 8-Show Was Unexpectedly Good ! 🎥 🍿


I just finished watching the 8-show on Netflix, a Korean series that at first feels like a total Squid Games rip off.

And sure enough, it feels heavily influenced by Squid Games and the Spanish movie The Platform. But it's original enough to stand out.

Eight individuals trapped in a mysterious 8-story building participate in a tempting but dangerous show where they earn money as time passes source

My first thought while watching it was that it was gonna be boring as fuck but soon enough the plot becomes more and more unpredictable... And dark. And violent. Violent enough to levels many will find uncomfortable.

After the first episode I got totally hooked up and it's one of those few series that manage to build all kinds of emotions and make you wonder what would YOU do if you were one of the protagonists.

Some parts did feel a bit exaggerated but personally I didn't mind those...although after reading reviews by others not everyone shares the same sentiment.

The show delves in various philosophical and political matters, like modern capitalism, justice, the plebs vs the rich etc. It's enough to make your mind work but don't expect anything too deep!

When it comes to stuff like acting, cinematography, special effects etc the show is excellent much like all the Korean stuff I have watched.

My only complain is that midway through it feels like the "good" guys take some really stupid and naive decisions but maybe that's more of a cultural thing? My guess is Koreans are way more civilized than the average western man so they might make sense from that pov. Or maybe bad writing. I know for sure most of us would be screaming out of our lungs in some of the decisions the Good team made. Anyways..

All in all, a really entertaining combination of The Platform and The Squid Games. I totally enjoyed it from start to finish, often in a frustrating fashion, so I am willing to forgive the occasional flaws. A solid 8/10 from me.

I can't think of anything else to say without giving spoilers so I will close with the trailer.


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Never heard of it. Guess I’ll give it a look. The trailer seems interesting.


I think it's a show for young people, don't have any suggestions for supercentenarian😶


It sounds like an interesting show. I liked Squid game so I'll throw this on my ever growing backlog.


Thanks for the tip. I liked both The Squid Game and The Platform so if this series kind of combines them, it can be pretty cool. Will give it a shot for sure :)

@tipu curate 7


You will probably like it kind sir!


Oh wow big bro, The show sounds very very interesting to me. I enjoyed Squid Game and The Platform, so this seems right up my alley. Plus, I'm always up for a series that sparks some deep thinking too. Thanks for the recommendation!
Big bro.. loving this one for sure


Never heard of it, maybe I'll check it out. I like dark humor and some violence mixed in!



you know i need to know before a watch