Barbie 🀍🌸🌈

Today we went to the barbie movie for girls. My little niece has been waiting for this movie for a long time. When it came out, she was very excited and called me immediately. After buying the tickets, we took her and shopped for the Barbie concept. It was exactly what she dreamed of. We found everything she dreamed of. She became a complete barbie girl with a pink blouse, buckles and everything else. Doesn't she look beautiful?


She was so excited going into the movie. I've had barbie dolls in the past but I was never very interested in them. Still, I wanted to share her excitement. I can say that the movie turned out better than I expected. I even got emotional at the end of the movie. The actors were also very successful, they were already my favorite actors. In addition, the colors of the film, the clothes, music and dance were incredibly fun and colorful. We left the movie extremely happy.



After the movie we were very hungry and immediately went to the restaurant where we always go to eat something. Here little barbie returned to her essence. πŸ˜‚ After eating, we got our drinks and came home. It was a very fun but exhausting day. I love spending time with my little niece. She reminds me of my life energy in all this stress and I get away from it all 🀍🌸🌈