Pimp Shit - Update on Some Sexiness

Authored by @enginewitty

Some of That PIMP Shit


Are you ready for some more of that badass PIMP Shit? A bit of this will be a review and update, but mostly will focus on PIMP v3.1. However, in case you have no idea what a PIMP even is, let me tell you.

A PIMP is all about money and making theirs. The definition has changed over the years, despite what some may argue it is. I grew up in the trenches using words and doing things many of you have only seen in the movies or heard about in songs. Here on Hive, we PIMPs focus on gettin' money in several different ways. I mean, why else are you here? Really.

PIMP itself, is a token and assuming you have enough PIMP staked to breech the dividend sharing percentages, we share more tokens with you than any other organization, tribe or community on Hive. We are on the top 20 of over a dozen rich lists in holdings and mete most of them out to our PIMPs (95% of our daily proceeds). We hide nothing, there is no 'behind the scenes' sus bullshit going on. I tell it like it is and keep anyone informed that wants to take the time to hear it. I'll even tell you what the fuck we're doing so you can be a PIMP on your own time. But, I don't do financial advice. I just get money. You can too. Why?


I'm a muthafukn P.I.M.P. and the more I make, the more you make and the more you make, the more I make and the moar all of us PIMPs make. 😎 So, let me tell you how this PIMP shit works and about the 'top 200' and how you can start stakkin'. Since the last upadate, we have made a few changes here and there. Let it be known, we aren't a private circle jerk and I invite anyone and everyone now, that wants to learn ways to be a P.I.M.P., to join us in The PIMP District where we have meetings every Wednesday at 8 am CST and can answer any questions and address any concerns you may have.

What's that?

You want to be a PIMP?

How can you get some tokens to stake?

Ways To Acquire PIMP

if you already have PIMP and want more -

  • All of the above
  • Delegate HP to @tokenpimp for a PIMPed out vote (vote based on size of delegation)
  • Use the PIMP slapper on a post or comment (must have 1000 PIMP staked)
  • Delegate PIMP to the @oneup-cartel's or @lolzbot PIMP curator accounts
  • Curate other PIMPs and support the District's citizens
PIMP Slapper?

Yes. You have to have at least 1000 PIMP staked (which also gets you the PIMP badge on #peakd) to make 1 call per day to tip someone 1 PIMP. To make 2 calls and tip 5 PIMP, you need to have 10,000 staked and so on and so forth. This also slaps the same amount to your own stash of tokens. See the following chart:

Current Tokens/Crypto PIMP distributes:

Current Tokens on our (purposeful) HODL List:

We discuss every week, whether or not to add any or remove any tokens from these lists. If you do not see your token on here, come ask us why. If you have a token you would like added and are a PIMP, hop in the chat with us and plead your case.

The Fuck Does That Mean?

All the tokens on the first list, are ones we share every day with people that have the balls to stake our token. The distribution is set to the top 200 highest staked balances (after any outgoing delegations). Incoming delegations do not count towards totals for distribution. Outgoing delegations do not count toward your staked balance as you are not using it to curate any other PIMPs but letting others do it for you. And, since they are using it on your behalf without it being staked, it will not count for them either.

Some of you may notice that it doesn't reach 200 accounts yet (currrently spread to the top 100 staykrz). That's because early adopters like @nathanmars and @biglove (appreciate that immensely by the way you two) have been staking them since it was created. They have a much higher percentage in the total amount of staked PIMP than even myself! Gift of the HODL. As more people acquire and stake PIMP, and our distribution center continues its pursuit of domination, it will continue to spread the wealth on to deeper levels until it hits 200. At that point, we will discuss whether or not to extend the numbers.


Straight up, the purpose of PIMP is to get money. Yes, I love the community here, but you have to understand the realm in which you are living just by reading this. You're not on a WordPress blog. You're not on Tumblr. Or Fakebook. Or even The New York Times absorbing the media you desire - no - you're here. Here where some people use this blockchain to feed their families or fund their causes or build their dreams! So, all the profits being made by sales of PIMP from the center of operations and any other token trades, sales, swaps and earnings - are going right back into it compounding everything we can to better give back to all of you.

I often say we because I couldn't do any of this without any of you - the community. So, here, in this space, money and your network go hand in hand like a happily married couple fresh off to their honeymoon. The only difference between PIMP and others is - we want to WIN. Will we? It is yet to be proven otherwise and I'm not one to give up very easily.

Making Moves

There has been some debate about what sets PIMP apart from other tokens. In a recent conversation with @raymondspeaks, I was asked about the goals and future roadmap of PIMP. I have many ideas, really, I do, but, voicing them is the problem I have. I've been burned a few times and even recently, one of my fam had an idea snatched out from underneath her. So, I stay quiet.

"Every battle is won before it is fought."

  • Sun Tzu from The Art of War

The Token Shifts

It was discussed in the last PIMP chat, to go in on @nism and go balls to the wall, buy a few smaller packages, or a how we would be involved with @enginewitty's game. We decided balls to the wall and became the first #optinism crew on Hive. We sold a little of this, a whole lot of that and even our own token to get the 5000 HBD, but now we are 'set for life' and in the rotator for the company affiliate sign-ups. We never have to promote our own link ever if we don't want. Plus, we got all kinds of good shit and a lifetime membership at the top tier to go with it. Whoever our scholar ends up being, will have a massive leg up and helluva fun time for us.

Sadly, this will drop our positions in several pools, but you know we do #pimpshit on the daily, so we'll regain our foothold as necessary and as funds permit. Just so you know, we're not going anywhere either. Gonna drop a few stats for ya and are still comfortable being with us:

  • #8 total staked BXT after selling half it
  • #21 on BRO richlist and still dragons after selling off a chunk
  • #10 stake of LGN
  • #20 stake of DRIP
  • #7 stake and TEAMPH whale
  • #4 stake and THGAMING whale
  • #1 stake and CINE whale
  • Best PIMPs in the cyberspace

Silver Action

If you didn't know, PIMP is the only Hive token backed by precious metals. Only a very limited elite few tokens on Hive - NOT EVEN HIVE ITSELF - can claim to own physical assets to back their tokens' stability, let alone any silver or gold or copper or what have you. We have also added another 10 ounces to the vault over the past week, giving PIMP more stability with our holdings. I'll have to check with @silverd510, since he is the vaultkeeper, but believe we are up to 55+ ounces now. That ain't nothing to deny is worth its weight.

Knowing this, if crypto ever crashes into oblivion and manages to be worth absolutely nothing, we will have a bit of a failsafe and your PIMP will still be worth something. If agreed upon, we will sell it and take care of those that have PIMP staked, and based on the size of your stake, we will divvy out monetary compensation(s) as necessary. Get comfortable. You're welcome.

PIMP Shittin'

In closing, I just wanna say (again) that I don't really give a shit if you are or become a PIMP or not. We're gonna get money with or without you. Just is what it is. Some will see it right off the bat and be staking all they can. Some will see the potential, the numbers involved and put it on their 'when I have the time' list. Some will just ignore us. Anyone that knows me, knows I make things happen.

And that's one of the keys. There are three kinds of people in this world. Ones that make things happen, ones that watch things happen and ones that wonder what the fuck just happened. While you decide which one you are, REMEMBER TO BE YOU! I always am and you already know - ery day I'm hustlin'.

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lolz.pngwoo (1).pngcryptoshots.pnghhg400.png
The FUNhouseWOOCryptoShotsHH Guild
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Blind SkeletonTrust ExchangeThe PoetsSurgent Gaming

If we have a partnership with you in some form or fashion, notify @enginewitty via DM on Discord or tag him in the The PIMP District so we can rep you proper down here. Thank you and you're welcome. In the meantime, #staypimpin!


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Gratis mama 😘






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How can we see the tops list again? I used to do it through Leodex but that's no longer a thing


When that 10 oz gets here it will be 55 ounces you are correct.


always pimping


Another Great update and it is clear who the King pimp is 😁 lol
And true, anyone can be a pimp if you know the pimping way, pimp your way to pimping others and be pimp generous and pimp love your pimp family... Oki.. I lost myself there.

Awsome update ❤️💋 appriciate You


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