Call to Action! Watch Freechain and Cast Your Vote!


Hey everyone!

As you may know, the Freechain documentary made its debut at its first film festival. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in watching the movie. Although the film is not public, anyone can watch it by purchasing a festival ticket.

We're offering to reimburse the ticket cost for 10 lucky Hivers. The festival features a poll where viewers can vote for their favorite film, and Freechain is a contender. Winning this poll would mean being spotlighted, thereby increasing the film's visibility.

You can find more details in this post by @lordbutterfly.

As highlighted in this update, Freechain is currently leading in votes. However, every additional vote counts and boosts the chances, so let's keep the momentum going!

Steps to participate:

  1. Purchase the Festival ticket here.
  2. Watch Freechain and make a post about it on Twitter.
  3. Vote for Freechain in the poll you will receive. You will find all the details in your email.
  4. Comment on this post, sharing screenshots that show you voted for the film, along with the link to your Twitter post.

We will select the best ten comments at our discretion. Each will receive 12 HBD.


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I watched and voted on day one. Funny how you need to vote for two movies, they know the shilling is real.

What was your second choice?


Thanks for what you guys are doing, I will keep an eye on it to see the results :)


Yeah not even considering wasting money on something i was cut from & will certainly be taken out of any possibility of winning. Can't even post 3speak videos and banned from discord for sharing an alpha gameplay video release posted on 3spk... might vote to support yet you should have priced it at free or less than a movie theater ticket in 3D IMAX. Most of Hive can't afford this...


Why can't you post 3Speak videos?

Were you originally going to be in the film and cut out later?


I uploaded a video with a Hive hat on yet PsyberX on the front which is deleted from google drive. My guess is I am blacklisted by 3speak and was banned from their discord as a spammer for sharing a 3speak video link in the 3spk video room & mentioning alpha gameplay released in general chat...


No. Nothing like that happened. I just checked the drive and the video isnt there. We didnt delete any entries.
But not everyone made it in the final cut, thats just the nature of film making.
It was the editor that made the call in this segment and hes not a Hiver so he picked what he liked most.


The ticket is for the festival, not for 1 film. We dont set the price. All I can is share where it can be viewed.

We didnt delete any videos from the drive so you might have not uploaded it correctly. A few people on accident uploaded it to their own drive. But even if that is not the case not everyone made it in the final cut. Thats the nature of film making. There were more than 100 submissions, the community segment couldnt include everything.


I didn't expect the film to be as entertaining, yet educative. It was impressive, and it portrays the message that comunity is everything. The voice over actor did so well to add more colours to the film. Here's a link to my review in a full post.


I casted my vote for Freechain as my first favourite. After months since we made our video entries for the video, I was glad to finally find it to watch. Here's my tweet 👇🏽

And here is a screenshot of me voting for Freechain 👇🏽

Screenshot (329).png


I must say that I still consider myself a relatively new Hiver with a lot of ignorance about #Hive and its beginnings, but this film allowed me to know much more in depth the platform, the emergence, the struggle for injustices and, above all, I liked the approach they gave in the film based on freedom, from all points of view especially financial, which gives us #Hive and the importance of detailing how it managed to overcome all adversities to be born.

it also allowed me to give a face to men like these, detailed in the documentary, who always believed in the project, were resilient and by dint of hard work and commitment achieved the evolution we have today, so more than entertainment I liked that the documentary is deeply educational with a good narrative and production. Excellent work, I hope you win. 👏🏻👏🏻

My vote 👇🏼



Thank you very much for Freechain, the truth is that I was very excited to see it, knowing that everything that as a community, along with great projects has been working is so real, that we can share it with others.

I would like to know if I can publish my impressions when watching it. And here I share my link to Twitter and my vote for freechain.


Absolutely. :)


Good. So I can tell my impressions in a post and use the main image? Of course without spoilers hahaha


Freechain is worth every dollar that ticket cost, not just because it talks about the genesis of Hive Blockchain but because of the message of freedom and hope it harbors.

Highly recommended, no matter if you are a Hiver or not.

And yes, I obviously left my vote in the poll using my code ✅