The Secret Life Of Pets (2016)


Released in 2016, I always skipped watching this movie until yesterday when I saw a TikTok about it. So far, it's literally the best animated film I've seen since this year rolled in.

No spoilers.


When Katie, Max's owner brings home another pet, named Duke, Max gets jealous as he doesn't want to share the love Katie has for him with anyone else. In the process, he comes up with a plan to get rid of Duke by trying to break things around the house. With Max's plan, Duke surrenders and submits to Max but also comes up with a plan of getting rid of him when they are taken out for a walk.


This leads them to the wild cat's territory where Max has to fight for survival. On getting there, animal control shows up and throws both Max and Duke in a cage. But with the help of the Boss of the flushed pets, a ferociously cute looking Bunny, who's out for revenge on humans for flushing him and his bunch of scratching and biting friends, they are bursted out of the cage but with a promise to work for the Bunny.

Things soon take a different turn after the Boss of the flushed pets finds out that Max and Duke lied to him about being owner-killers and tries to get rid of them. They try to escape and in the process, kill one of the members of the flushed pets. This infuriates the Bunny who swears to find them and avenge the death. Will Max and Duke make it back home before the ferocious Bunny gets a hold of them? You really should see this movie if you haven't.

My review and rating:


I really don't want to believe that what is portrayed in this film is the same way these pets are in reality because to be honest my flabber was definitely ghasted watching this one. I know pets have feelings and whatever they feel when abandoned is valid but do they really form a club to deal with the humans just because they were flushed out? Lol. I know that's not true but anything is possible.


My favorite character in this film is Bunny. From its voice, I could tell the person behind and it's no other but the humourous Kevin Hart. I laughed in every scene the Bunny appeared because despite being so ferocious, he possessed humor that made me unable to hate him despite his somewhat ill treatment of Max and Duke.

About Max and Duke, on Duke's arrival to Katie's home, I wasn't so pleased with the way he behaved on the first night. He was being authoritative which of course pissed Max off to really want to get rid of him. I mean anyone would be pissed when someone who's new to your house begins to act like the boss; choosing which bed to sleep on, etc. I like Max; he's a calm, loyal dog that doesn't take Katie for granted.


There are other animal characters in this film that complement the main characters and I love them all.

The producer, writer and director really deserve accolades for this film. It's really entertaining, colorful and vibrant. The soundtrack was giving me every vibe I anticipated.


I'd just give this film a solid 5. It reminded me of how much I needed a pet. Pets are adorable.


I haven't seen this movie and neither had I heard about it until now but I liked your review and through it I realize that Bunny is a character tender in appearance but very funny.


You really should see it. You'll love it. Thank you so much for stopping by. I appreciate 🌺