As I read the prompt for the week, the movie "Let it shine" which was released in 2012 cane to mind. I enjoyed it back then but I was unable to shake another off.


About a year ago, I saw the movie, "Marry me" featuring Jennifer Lopez, which was a musical. The. Movie tells the story of Kat Valdez, a music celebrity who had gone through failed marriages. She falls in love with Sébastien a co-musician and they were set to get married on live TV, but moments until when they were to do a duo performance for their ceremony, the internet busted with videos of Sébastien making out with Kat's friend.

Standing, facing the crowd and being looked at by different people around the country, Kat did the unthinkable. She said yes to a stranger who stood in the audience holding a "will you Matty me" sign, which wasn't his.


He got cheered to the altar where they both said vows to each other and became legally married. The strange man, a father, was coparenting and was a maths teacher. Both their lives were different. His was simple although he was not as popular nor rich and Kat's was a little complicated.

Between having to do media rounds, and looking happy for the camera, they grew a mutual, respectful bond.

At a show that had Kat and Sébastien together, the host threw a question that made Kat realize she wasn't supposed to be there with the same guy who hurt her. So she left. She flew to meet Mr G where he hdd taken his students for a maths competition, and there, she proposed to him. For real.


Everything about the movie can be summarized by the songs. In particular, I loved On my way and Love of my life. They're both heartfelt and passionate. Marry me was equally electrifying. Jennifer Lopez is a brilliant actor and after this movie, I went on to binge watch a number of other movies she starred in.

Usually, I don't sing along to songs from movies. I'm all about just seeing the movie only. But for that film, to explain how I loved it, I have the songs in my phone's playlist. I sing along every time I have to rewind to the scenes where the songs were sang..

Without the music, the movie may not have had as much substance and entertainment. Storyline was good but the music made it better. The beats, the tunes, the passion in the voice and the lyrics.
This was just different from every other musical I had seen.
Good stuff!

This is my response to the CineTvcontest.

Images are screenshots from the movie.


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Jennifer López is a brillant performer, I love her acting and sometimes I hear her songs, she is integral and she does it very well.


You capture her persona well.
Shes a very special performer.