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Rebel Moon Part 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to its predecessor, which left me with a feeling of throwing away my time after watching it . As someone who wasn't particularly impressed by the first movie ( disgusted even) , I approached this sequel with cautious optimism, hoping that it would address some of the issues that plagued its predecessor. While there are indeed some improvements in Rebel Moon Part 2, it still struggles to fully captivate and engage its audience.

One of the most noticeable improvements in this sequel is the increased focus on character development. Unlike the first movie, which left many of its characters feeling underdeveloped and one-dimensional, Rebel Moon Part 2 takes the time to explore the motivations and backstories of its central cast. Through a series of flashbacks and dialogue exchanges, we learn more about the struggles and experiences that have shaped these characters, adding depth and complexity to their personalities. Sofia Boutella once again delivers a strong performance as Kora, bringing a sense of humanity and vulnerability to her role. Similarly, Ed Skrein shines as Atticus Noble, portraying the antagonist with a chilling intensity that adds tension to every scene he's in.

However, while the character development is a step in the right direction, Rebel Moon Part 2 still suffers from some of the same issues that plagued its predecessor. Chief among these is the excessive use of slow-motion scenes. While slow-motion can be used effectively to heighten tension or emphasize key moments, it feels overused and unnecessary in this movie. Instead of enhancing the action sequences, it ends up feeling repetitive and tiresome, detracting from the overall pacing and flow of the film. It reminded me many years ago when I was playing the game Max Payne it was the first time I saw the use of slow motion and I was using it all the time even if that wasn't helping me win the game.

Additionally, Rebel Moon Part 2 still struggles to carve out its own identity within the sci-fi genre. While there are moments of excitement and intrigue, they often feel derivative of other, more successful franchises, such as Star Wars. The film relies heavily on familiar tropes and plot elements, failing to offer much in the way of originality or innovation.

After finishing the two parts, I find myself trying to think of other movies that I watched recently with such a bad script and timeline. They harvested the whole crop in three days and trained farmers to be soldiers in two days, so they accomplished something that would probably take months to achieve in just five days.

Overall, Rebel Moon Part 2 is a slight improvement over its predecessor, thanks in large part to its increased focus on character development. However, it still falls short of delivering a truly compelling and engaging viewing experience. While fans of the series may find enjoyment in revisiting the world of Rebel Moon, the majority of the viewers may struggle to find much to hold their interest beyond its flashy visuals and familiar themes.

P.S I believe this is the worst movies of Snyder's career .

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts on revel moon. I think I will give rebel moon a miss I’ve never saw the first one. I think there are so many great movie alternatives out there


The first one hour of the movie was not needed, and it was all a waste of time, but the last hour was very good. Part 2 of the movie is just an average movie, and it doesn't fulfill the promise and the expectation.


I agree with your excellent review, I was not convinced by the two films


I agree with your review, this movie was a delusion for me as well. In fact, I started watching the second part of Rebel Moon but I have yet to finish watching it because I preferred to watch the Fallout series on Prime which I really liked instead
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