Pirates of the Caribbean

Having recently marathoned the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies, I've gathered some reflections

  1. The Curse of the Black Pearl

Undoubtedly a masterpiece, this film excels in cinematography, screenplay, directing, and acting. It's unfortunate it didn't receive more recognition, as it truly deserved an Oscar nod. The unique pirate slang and Depp's captivating physicality, along with the Jack-Barbosa relationship and subtle humor, form the heart of the movie.

Box office $654.3 million
Budget $140 million

2) Dead Man's Chest

Upon revisiting, I found this sequel lacking. It struggles with crude humor, a convoluted plot, and a departure from the essence of the first film. The absence of the pirate dialect and Jack Sparrow's diminished physicality contribute to its downfall, despite notable performances like Bill Nighy's.

Budget $225 million
Box office $1.066 billion

3) At World's End

While lacking some of the charm of the original, this installment redeems itself by toning down the crass humor and delivering a solid, albeit less memorable, b-movie experience. Noteworthy moments and performances, especially from Bill Nighy, elevate the overall enjoyment.

Budget $300 million
Box office $963.4 million

Additional Thoughts on Subsequent Films

The subsequent films suffered from trying to fit within the established franchise, resulting in mediocrity. They might have fared better as standalone movies, each exploring its own universe. "Into Uncharted Waters" particularly had potential to shine in its own genre. However, the urge to exploit the franchise to its limits ultimately hindered their quality.

While the original trilogy stands as a testament to the brilliance of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, subsequent entries struggle to recapture its magic, weighed down by the burden of expectation and the desire for commercial success.

P.S I am waiting more info about the franchise reboot and what Disney wants to do.

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The last two were entertaining although can't compare to it's initial trilogy, Jonny Depp is too embedded into the image so a reboot and new cast is their best shot although a long shot imo, they probably better start a new franchise 🤷


The actual recognition and success of the movie might get along soon. Because most movie doesn't get captivating the heart , at first possible glance or watching. But , an after nature of reflection can brings about needed recognition and absolute success.