Escaped reality for a couple of hours [Went for the movie, stayed for the AC]

Few days ago, I was travelling In a public transport and overheard two ladies conversation. They were talking about a TV soap and how the lavish lifestyle of them. Like the bungalow, the clothing, the accessories etc. It was clear case of getting impressed with what we see in Television. This made me to remind of our days, when we used to have some sensible, cultural and mythological series telecast on TV for viewers entertainment. But now seems the trend has comes a long way to make it way for some glamorous show off than any sensible item to learn.

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May be I sound more orthodox, but the fact is, I have not watched any TV series for many years neither any movies. And I find myself quite happy without them. TV series and movies used to be a source of entertainment. People used to watch them in their idle time to entertain and refresh their mood. I remember the days, when we used to sit together and watch epic Ramayana or Mahabhartha series every Sunday. Or some family drama and relate them with our upbringing. Infact those were the era when the series or movies were more of the family or social centric. They used to bring up things which were actually happening in the society and spread awareness. Those were very informative telecast that always make viewer feel close to their own life.

Movies vibes and dreamy lights!!

In modern times the content showed over TV or the OTT platform are more vulgar or abusive, contain many obscene scenes that may not suitable for young generation. Watching a movie of a soap together with family is quite tricky as you never know what may fall in between that may embrass us. Atleast I can say that for Indian middle group family who are still quite intact to family trafition and culture. The content telecast nowadays are not suitable or it may ask to watch behind tye closed door. This is what keeps me away from all kind of series or movies. To confess, I do not not have any ott subscription, neither I made any D2H connection. I never felt the use of it. For world news or development, I am happy to read over internet or wat h them on the news apps. Taking out any learning or takeaway from movies or series is pretry tough.

Reels and feels, that's the deal.

They were based out more on glamour or fashion which might affecting many people approach to life. They were made too woo the viewers and in process may disturb the peace and harmony at-home. TV soaps, series or movies always make people to adapt to the lifestyle shown over the episodes. No matter if the viewers were in a position to own or not. But they were forced to adspt only to match with the trend. If I remember, correctly, the last good lesson learned over a movies was

"With great power comes great responsibility".

One of the best lines from #spiderman movies. Although the movies was full of action and thrill, but the major takeaway comes in the final moments of the movies. The lines is very meaninful and has quite deep to understand. It is a proverb that means if you have the ability to do something, you should do it for the good of others. It implies that power is not only about enjoying its privileges, but also about being morally responsible for what you do with it and what you don't do with it. It may happens under thr influence of power, peoole may strayed away from their motive or responsibility. And this phrases does remind us of attaining our responsibility at best and also to help others.

This might be from an old movie, and afterward I watched few other movies and series, But I found them more as an entertainer piece than any informative work. But again, I am from unorthodox family, and this might sounds strange to many. But rather than gluing my eyes on watching TV or mobil screen for movies or series, I prefer walking down the street , market, or meet people for fun and own entertainment. There are so many things we learn from our closeby.


Namaste @steemflow


It's crazy how the focus has shifted from family-friendly, culturally enriching shows to all this glamour and glitz.

I understand your point about how "watching movies with family can be tricky" things. It's like, you never know when some random inappropriate scene is gonna pop up and make everyone uncomfortable.


That's what aside from.watching TV...and all the shows are not worth for entertainment anymore.


I love cinema! I haven't been for years, maybe for the comfort of watching movies at home and that phrase is one of my favourites, I use it every day, you know why.


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