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As every other Episode, Episode Six of Drops of God is a storm of mix feelings, at times its very confuse to understand what Alexander was thinking when he thought about all this test and contest, on one side I can see him as a mad man who just want to complicate his children life's more than it is, he never spend time with them as a father when they were adults and now that he is dead may be he came up with this contest to make their life's miserable or he was really a philosophical guy who truly wanted to expand their knowledge and give them the opportunity to continue with his business and legacy but wanted them to be prepare for what was next.

Camille at first was the little ugly duckling, she couldn't smell or taste alcohol but always had that hidden talent, she could turn out to be a great sommelier, she proves himself on this episode because it was not about the taste or smell of the wine, it was the experience, during the series she and her father have mention how a wine can make you feel happy or sad, once she even said she heard music, I think that's possible changing someone's mood with wine or any other drink depending one what's that make the person react is it the smell, taste or a combination of both, at the end its all a chemistry, the human body can be very impulsive and react different ways to certain combinations of flavor and smell so it was never about the fruits and flowers on the painting it was about the story behind both the painting and the wine Alexander choose to match the painting.

There is something that I should have seen coming and it was Luca interest on the Ledger Guide, on the previous episode he asks Camille to continue with it, I knew it was a great business for him but never though he was using Camille all this time just for the Ledger, I bought the story of how good of a friend he was for Alexander but the truth is that he was doing all this for his own benefit, he knew Camille had no chance against Issei so may be he thought is she wins great I get a hold at Alexander wine collection and she continues with the Ledger that was the first target but then if she doesn't win at least get her to continue with the Ledger Guide so he can keep getting profits from the Ledger Guide also power as all the winemakers on the guide fear Alexander, at least that was the description given by Elisabetta, after the trip to Italy looking for this wine that match the flavors of the painting and understanding it was about the experience and not the flavor or smell, Camille also understood that the Ledger Guide was dangerous and hold too much power over wine makers so she didn't want to continue it, she told Luca it was her final decision and this is when he who her his true face, got mad as fuck, yell at her, told her how he would make sure she get crush by Issei and loose, throw her out of his restaurant and show her he was manipulating her all this time.

Episodes are not more balance between Issei and Camille, at first it was all Camille but on this episode we get more drama from the Tomine Diamonds, with his father gone Issei start investigating the reasons and how his parents got together to find out his real father is Alexander, without physicals proof yet but things start to make sense so he put his mother Honka "on the horns of a dilemma" either she tells him the truth or he takes his father comb for a DNA test and figure out the truth by himself, she had to give in to keep it a secret just between them to avoid public shame since she is part of a very proud family. www.skiptvads.blog - tv series divider Drops of God: Legacy – Season 1 – Episode 6 – Recap EPISODE DETAILS - www.skiptvads.blog


Issei goes savage mode on his mother Honoka, when she asks if he have heard anything from his father he answers "the one who's dead or the one who's disappeared?" probably the worst slam down of all episodes so far and its not because she lied to him, this is the result of many years of resentment, the way she treat his father and him too, how cold she is all the time like she doesn't enjoy been with any of them, this when he threat her to take his father comb for a DNA test or she tells him the truth, she didn't have to say a word after she took the comb from his hands so its true, Issei father is Alexander.



Lucky for Issei life takes from him but also gives him happiness back, I don't know how because I consider it too fast but may be he just like him, the way he talks, acts, cook, he has all the swag to pick up girls although Issei doesn't talk too much but Yurika, the reporter that was covering his story now helping him to locate his father, falls for him and they match that day, it was not all dark clouds for Issei.


Camille decided to go to Italy, Milan, since the painting his father choose for the contest is from Fede Galizia, she takes Lorenzo with her and stay at a local house that servers as motel, they ask the owner Elisabetta where they could find the Galizia's house and she answer "...fascinating, a lot to learn" like she probably knew something they didn't, but they got no where so Elisabetta told her to be persistent, Camille didn't mean it the wrong way but then she push wine makers into let her taste their wines using the Ledger Guide name as a method of pressure so they all accept without asking many questions. When Elisabetta find out about it she was pissed at Camille and her father, saying they were bullies using the Ledger Guide power against wine makers but their thoughts change after Camille taste Elisabetta family wine and discover the real connection between the painting and a bottle of wine, it was Elisabetta's family wine Casa dei Fossati, it was a great story how Alexander compare Elisabetta and her father bond with Fede and her father Nunzio, this two pair of father and daughter work together to produce a master piece, one in a bottle of wine and the other on a painting.


Camille never saw this coming, she basically gets assaulted by Lucas after she insisted not to continue with the Ledger Guide, on her trip to Italy she finds out and think that the Guide have ruin many peoples life, it holds too much power probably same as his father felt there was a monopoly in France when he was trying to become a professional and exactly what force him to go to Japan to start a new market, Lucas goes all savage and tells Camille he will make sure she gets defeated by Issei but what he doesn't know is that Issei finds out she is his step sister and that will probably bring them close and work together, Issei looks like a nice guy and honest so that's probably how he will react when he tells Camille the truth about Alexander been their father.

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The reason for the contest is now more clear than before with Issei confirm his father is Alexander, also the fact that Camille find out how powerful the Ledger Guide is, this was probably planned by Alexander too as its the same reason why he went to Japan and start a new market when there was a monopoly in France that would not let him grew his ideas probably he wanted his son and daughter to learn this and continue his legacy with a better direction, at first the contest look like a twisted plan to make them miserable and fight each other for a prize but now its looking like he want to bring them closer, he never had either the opportunity or the words to achieve this since he was push out by both Honoka and Marianne, Issei and Camille mothers, so he build and empire that will unite them in the future.


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