The Hundred-Foot Journey (2014)

Hello movie lovers how are you all? Today I will tell you about such an important thing, which most people have never even tried to think! The thing is - we people dream of becoming a doctor but why don't we dream of becoming a chef? Have you ever tried to treat chefs with the same respect as doctors? Today's information may help you find a new goal in life. Just as a doctor enables people to live a healthy and beautiful life through proper lifestyle and treatment, it should be remembered that a chef by adopting his correct method prepares food in a healthy way and enables people to live a healthy and beautiful life by controlling their diet. can

Again, negligence and wrong treatment by doctors can cause death in human life just as negligence and wrong treatment by chefs can cause death in human life by preparing unhealthy food. If we understand these facts a little, we can know and understand very well that those who enable people to live in the hospital are just like doctors, and those who enable people to live healthy by preparing healthy food are also playing the role of doctors in people's lives. In the wonderful movie that I am going to tell you about today, we can see and know the extraordinary real story of a man becoming the most famous chef in his life. Let us introduce you to today's wonderful movie.


Movie Name - The Hundred-Foot Journey.
Movie director - Lasse Hallström.
Movie story writer - Steven Knight.
Movie Genre - Comedy Drama Educational Movie.
Movie based on - The Hundred Foot Journey
by Richard C. Morais.
Cinematography of the movie - Linus Sandgren.
Movie Music - A. R. Rahman.
Run time of the movie - 1 hour 57 minutes.
Movie Release Date - August 8, 2014.
IMDB rating of the movie - 7.3 out of 10.
Personal rating of the movie - 4 out of 5.
Movie Country - United States.
Movie Language - English, Hindi and French.


In the movie the important roles were played by:

Manish Dayal as Hassan Haji Kadam played the lead role in the movie. Charlotte Le Bon as Marguerite did a great job as the heroine in the movie. Along with this, the movie also stars Om Puri as Abbu "Papa" Kadam, Helen Mirren as Madame Mallory, Amit Shah as Mansur Kadam, Farzana Dua Elahe as Mahira Kadam, Dillon Mitra as Mukthar Kadam, Aria Pandya as Aisha Begum Kadam, Vincent Elbaz as Paul, Michel Blanc as Mayor, Clément Sibony as Jean-Pierre and Juhi Chawla as Ammi.


Interesting facts of the movie:

1) The interesting story of Hassan going to the market with his mother as a child to learn about vegetables.
2) Interesting friendship develops between Hassan and Marguerite.
3) There is an interesting case of Mahira being made to stand outside beautifully to attract customers.
4) Interesting friendship develops between Hassan's father and Madame Mallory.
5) Interesting incident of joining Hassan as head chef in Madame Mallory's restaurant.


Important Events of the movie:

1) Hassan's family's love for cooking and the fact that the restaurant built by Hassan's family was destroyed during the political struggle.
2) It can be seen how Hassan's mother introduced him to all vegetables from his childhood.
3) Hassan is seen fighting to fulfill his dream of becoming a top chef.
4) Abbu "Papa" Kadam left the love of his country to fulfill his dream of having children and moved first to England and later to France.
5) Abbu "Papa" Kadam is seen helping his family's head chef Hassan to become the best chef despite all obstacles.
6) There is a competitive rivalry between Madame Mallory and Abbu "Papa" Kadam.
7) Hassan's taste in cooking can be seen turning his father and Madame Mallory's enmity into friendship.
8) Due to Hassan's extraordinary cooking, Madame Mallory is able to fulfill her own dreams.


Movie Review:

In the beginning of the movie, Hassan and his mother go to buy vegetables from the market. Everyone in Hassan's family is Radhuni, as a result of which Hassan's mother introduced him to all kinds of vegetables from an early age. It is said that Hassan and his family were doing well in the restaurant business in India, but due to political struggles, everything was destroyed. It can be seen that after the death of Hassan's mother, everyone was forced to go to England and try to start a restaurant business but failed, because it became very difficult to arrange raw food for the restaurant from there.

As a result, Hassan's father moved to France with the whole family and bought an old house and opened a restaurant there. Hassan has been striving to be the best chef ever since he was a child and Hassan can cook many delicious dishes using his mother's spices, while also doing his job very well with the dream of becoming a top chef. At first Madame Mallory becomes an enemy of the Hassans' restaurant in hopes of profiting her restaurant, but the enmity between Hassan's gourmet father and Madame Mallory turns into a remarkable friendship.

Madame Mallory hires Hassan as head chef to improve her restaurant's food quality and ratings. As a result, Hassan gradually becomes a top chef and makes Madame Mallory's dreams come true through delicious food. As a result, for the first time ever, Madame Mallory's restaurant food received the best rating. Hassan has finally established himself as a top shaper by fulfilling his dream, while also presenting his country's cuisine to everyone.


A wonderful story can be seen through the movie, where the members of a chef family can see the wonderful life battle to be in the best shape by introducing their cooking tradition to everyone. I liked the movie story, acting, cinematography, music, romantic story, educational content. Those of you who like to watch Comedy Thriller Educational Drama movies must watch today's movie and comment how you like the movie.

Thank you very much to all of you for knowing about today's wonderful movie. Stay well everyone and always try to stay healthy.