Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire


We felt like Ghost in the hall


We missed the movie for quite some time, as the busy schedule do not allow to take a break, but finally the kid booked tickets for Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire at Inox. The show was at 7.45 pm, quite the evening time in summer. By the time we arrived, the movie was just starting and surprisingly there were only two other people in the entire hall.



In our entire life, we never had this situation, enjoying the hall as a personalized theater. There is some nostalgia-fueled fun in the movie, but the first half was pretty boring. It was only in the last half, the kids enjoyed a bit. The movie has not got good ratings, probably that could have been the cause of this poor audience.






Instead of being disappointed, we utilized the opportunity to take some photos as this would be one of a kind memory.



Even though Inox has got several theaters inside, the entire building was feeling like a ghost.


That could be possibly the reason, they are running such promos, where you can watch 4 movies by paying 349/- only, but be careful to see all details, its from Monday to Thursday. And there would be taxes on top of this as well.


So don't waste your money on this movie - a straight no. For us it felt like we had a nice family time.😀


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You must have felt like you booked the hall for your family for movie.. haha


Wow you definitely had an amazing time because when there's not too many people, you can react to movie scenes without trouble 🤣🤩🤩 Nice time for you guys🥰


I think it would be a unique experience because no one was present in the hall except your family.
Stay blessed dear.


How are you dear friend @sanjeevm good afternoon
It's good that you were finally able to go to the cinema and see this movie. Great to have the entire cinema just for you
I'm sorry that the movie is not what you expected.
I appreciate you sharing this experience.
have a happy start to the week


I’m glad you and your family had the theatre to yourself
Family times are golden
We should never take it for granted


It must definitely be a Great moment and I believe by the hall been empty, it will make you guys to enjoy the moment much more


All of us with family should spend time in this way, it's a benefit, it's motivation, understanding with each other is very high, so I will definitely try to watch the movie.


We felt like Ghost in the hall

You both are the glittering stars in the hall!

In our entire life, we never had this situation, enjoying the hall as a personalized theater

I trust you might have enjoyed the company of each other amid a lonely theater and enjoyed your own socialization more than the movie. At times, the movie becomes the means and socialization becomes the end. I hope today's adventure in that theater more or less was like that.

Have a great day.

Jai Jagannath.



Having a nearly private movie hall is always great! Really lucky that there were only 2 other people. I always hate it when it's too crowded as than there is more chance that people are making irritating noises :)

Great write-up!


Wow, that's awesome. You can even use the photo to mess with others and say you rented a whole cinema. I've had some bad experiences with cinemas before, where they were using their phones, or being loud, or standing at times. Having the cinema to yourselves means that isn't going to happen.


That’s cool that you had the theater to yourself for this movie. There have been a few movies I’ve gone to in the past where we were the only ones in there. That is sad to hear this movie wasn’t any good. The Ghostbusters movie that came out a few years ago was really good and I was hoping this one would follow in those steps. Guess I will be waiting for it to show up on a streaming service soon.


Ya, better to watch on streaming service, not worth going to hall.


whoa.. u had a private showing? 👊😎👍


Families hold a special place in our hearts and there are real gifts from above.
I guess this outing with your family will be a remarkable one


Es muy hermoso ese cine...y estando con su familia es una bendición compartir una película en familia..mucho éxito y bendiciones amigo hiver.


Muy hermoso el cine y aun mas en familia, mucho éxito y bendiciones amigo hiver


It is really interesting to see that you have a great time with your love ones and it is really a great moment that is been spent together


It is really actually needed that we spend quality time with our loved ones and families. I strongly believe this is a great moment