Review of "The Batman" 2022: A 25-Year-Old's Perspective

All of the images in this post were taken directly from the film.

As a fan of superhero films, I was both surprised and impressed by "The Batman" (2022). However, it should be noted that this isn't just an ordinary superhero movie. More accurately, it fits into the genres of Mystery, Crime, Drama, and Noir.

Here are my thoughts on this unexpectedly captivating film.

First Impressions: Not Just a Superhero Movie

"The Batman" presents Gotham in a very dark and conspiratorial light. From the beginning, the film feels more like a classic detective story with Batman hunting down a serial killer. As the plot progresses, it delves into the corrupt and intricate political landscape of Gotham City. This approach makes the film feel more realistic than Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy, which is already known for its realism.

Storytelling and Character Development

One of the film's main strengths is its storytelling. Despite the complexity of the plot, the narrative remains easy to follow. Character introductions are done methodically and clearly, making it accessible even for those who are not familiar with previous Batman stories.

The screenplay is detailed and thoughtful. For example, there’s a character who keeps cats and drinks milk—without further introduction, Batman fans will instantly recognize who this is.

Impressive Cast

The cast delivers outstanding performances. Robert Pattinson portrays Batman and Bruce Wayne with depth, capturing a character still trapped in his past. Jeffrey Wright, who faced initial skepticism due to his casting as Jim Gordon, delivers a convincing performance.

The villains in the film are also noteworthy. Colin Farrell, as The Penguin, undergoes such a dramatic physical transformation that he is almost unrecognizable. Paul Dano, as The Riddler, embodies the psychopathic nature of his character with chilling precision.

Music and Atmosphere

The film’s music is compelling, blending songs by Nirvana and Ave Maria to create a profound and slightly eerie atmosphere. Batman’s theme song is catchy, even though it bears a slight resemblance to Darth Vader’s Imperial March.

Action Scenes and the Batmobile

As a human without superpowers, Batman's fight scenes are more realistic and gritty. While the overall fight choreography is average, there is one "brawl" scene that feels exceptionally natural, reminiscent of the film "The Raid." The Batmobile, introduced in this film, is incredibly badass, with a chase scene that rivals those in the "Fast & Furious" franchise.

Criticisms and Flaws

No film is perfect, and "The Batman" has its share of flaws. One of the biggest issues is the film's rating. Some scenes were censored for being too gory, suggesting that the film should have received an 18+ rating instead of 13+. Additionally, some performances felt unconvincing. For instance, a character who had just been shot seemed oddly fine afterward.

I also felt that the element of surprise was underutilized. In a setting as dark and with a theme as intense as serial killings, the element of surprise should play a crucial role. Here, it felt somewhat lacking. Moreover, the story's climax was unsatisfying, lacking a dramatic final fight with the main villain.


Overall, "The Batman" offers a darker and more intense take compared to previous Batman films. Despite its flaws, it is still worth watching, especially for DC fans. Robert Pattinson successfully portrays a different, more realistic version of Batman. This film also sets an intriguing foundation for future Batman stories. On a scale of 10, I would give "The Batman" a 6. It's not perfect, but it’s impressive with its realistic and dark approach.

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Thank you for reading this far into my article. Hopefully, there is something you can get from what I have shared.


Only the part that leaves a fairly complex thread to follow is good, as I see it. I didn't like it myself on this one and remember the big fuss in my review. But like you, I think every fan should see it.


Everyone has their own opinions, but fans of this character have their own standards for evaluation. Best regards, and thank you for your response.


Although it is not a version of Batman that I like that much, I am not going to deny that Robert Pattinsom did an excellent job. What did fascinate me a lot was the excellent work done by the actor who played the main villain of the film, who is a somewhat curious mix of sinic with a unique way of seeing the world. He reminds me a lot of Joker from "The Dark Knight", but not that crazy, really. 😅 And well, the plot, the visual effects, The soundtrack, photographs and tones are very well done. I really like that in this film they showed the investigative side of Batman that very little has been seen in other versions in theaters.


I agree with you. What amazed me was the inclusion of a detective figure that ties back to Batman.


It's a movie that finds an almost perfect balance between the realism of the Nolan trilogy and the more comic book aspects of previous iterations. One of my favorites films of 2022.


I hope your favorite film receives another sequel in the future. We all share that hope.


My favorites of this character are still Christian Bale's. However, I think Pattinson did a great job and I look forward to his next part with the Joker.