FreeChain - Worth a Watch, but don't forget to vote!


The FreeChain documentary has been out for a few days, as part of Vimeo's 2024 independent film festival.

The festival features a few dozen independent films, just one of which is FreeChain, and for the price of a festival ticket you can watch ALL of them.

Part of the game is voting, and when you purchase a ticket you get a voting code... you have to vote for your top 2 and provide a brief comment covering what you liked about the films, a few words is enough.

You can purchase a Festival ticket here.

@lordbutterfly's post with more detailed instructions is here

FreeChain is a great watch....

Roughly the first half covers cryptocurrency and blockchain in general, and then the second half is devoted more to social media, the birth and takeover of Steem by Justin Sun and then towards the end we get onto the creation of Hive.


The documentary covers a lot of ground in just 45 minutes and does a good job of explaining complex concepts and a complicated social justice story in an understandable way, using plenty of interviews and cartoons to illustrate.

Having lived through the Steem takeover-birth of Hive I think a reasonably understandable account of the events was provided, although I think maybe something a bit more direct rather than storified would have served those who hadn't lived through it better.

The only real downside is that the documentary relies exclusively on five voices: @blocktrades, @starkerx, @theycallmedan, and @yabapmatt and Andrew Levine, which doesn't really speak to the core theme that well which is decentralisation. (But apparently more people were reluctant to come forwards and fair play as the interviews were up to four hours long).

Although when answering the core questions such as 'what is a blockchain' and 'how innovative is BTC' these four do have some very different answers, which demonstrates that the Chain works despite diversity, which is one of the key strengths of Hive IMO.

It's only towards the end that we get some short video snippets of ordinary Hive users.

Then again I guess the point of the documentary is to entertain and peak people's interest rather than be an advert for Hive, so it does a nice job of NOT ramming this blockchain down people's throats, and it certainly DOESN'T feel like a Hive marketing campaign which I think is a very good thing, it is a documentary.

Justin Sun comes off very badly, which is fair, and a further benefit of this movie is that it warns people off getting involved with any other projects with which that scammer is involved.

Overall, FreeChain is a boon to the HIVE chain, so give it a watch and a vote!

NB you have until 15th Jan to vote so time is running out!


One other downside is that the documentary relies exclusively on four voices

Andrew does jump in at the end as well but unfortunately others we asked simply didnt want to do it. We tried to get a few women in as well, we got turned down. Theres also the logistics issue as who ever you get in the film needs to be filmed on location.
Each of these interviews are from 2-4 hours long.

these four do have some very different answers

This was done on purpose in the cut.

Then again I guess the point of the documentary is to entertain and peak people's interest rather than be an advert for Hive, so it does a nice job of NOT ramming this blockchain down people's throats

This was a major concern for us. I knew the mere mention of a blockchain that is relatively unknown would appear "shilly" and turn off some people so I tried to reduce the promo aspect to a minimum. Sort of make it subversive, concealed.
A well received film with reduced Hive promotion will do Hive much more good than a film heavy with it thats not received well.

Justin Sun comes off very badly

I contacted him, his companies a few times looking to get his perspective but he didnt respond. I tried to be as unbiased as I could but the story tells itself.

Thank you for the review.


Overall you did a great job, with a massive task so well done on a project well executed! I think you were objective. You should've mentioned in it you tried to contact Justin Sun, but he declined that would have been an objective way to make him look even worse!

How's the voting going..?


So far, wer ahead in public votes but ofc Judges decide if we go to London. If anything ill be going on their film podcast/interview/livestream and talk about the film if I win just the public vote.

And ultimately thats the point. Everything we do here should be done so we have an excuse to talk about Hive outside of Hive.


Any mention of how the largest dApp chose to stay on Steem (thus lending it credibility) until its shoddy network could no longer support its transactions?


Not to go into the discussion of what others think should have, or should not have been in the film, ill just ask out of curiosity which dapp are you referring to?


Understood and me either. Uh it is still the largest dApp.






I know a number of dapps maintained their services active in the migration period for quite a bit of time. Steampeak was active for example for a long time. Hive Engine was created basically instantly after the fork and thats run by Splinterlands guys. .
All dapps eventually left steem. And Yaba is in the film sharing his thoughts so its fairly obvious where his allegiances are.
So I cant really agree with your comment.


Not asking for any agreement. As for the rest of it:

Any excuse will do.


The reasoning behind it is on chain here.

Just wanted to provide a little insight there.


Any mention of how the largest dApp chose to stay on Steem

Could've chosen other words. Not everyone switched instantly 1 minute after the HF. Does that make them stay on Steem as well in your opinion?

On Monday, June 1st, 2020 the Splinterlands game is planning to switch to the Hive blockchain


Unsure why I would choose other words... since the words that I used were mine to choose in the first place.

As to the date... that was a little over two months after the Hard Fork that created Hive.

To answer your question in the simplest terms possible and share my perspective: No it does not.


Whether you choose to steer the topic or not with the words you choose, that's indeed not up to me. Just pointing it out in case you'd be interested in constructive conversation.

Exactly, so in 2 months time, the biggest dApp finalized their move to Hive. How can you state "they chose to stay on Steem"? That's a complete riddle to me.


I guess that since their Discord logs got deleted by a supposed 'rogue actor' we will never know the truth of the matter will we.


i have never been on the steemit platform but have heard a lot about how Justin Sun bought the whole control for himself. This can't be decentralization.


I intend to watch this soon. I've just not found the time yet. I chatted to His Lordship in Amsterdam about it.


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Right now I am working but when I am free at night I will definitely watch this video because it is very special for all of us.


This is a good direction for the exposure. I am sure there are many who have voted and we would see the reflected that part when the vote results are out. Let's see how much Hive marketing has worked out. As of now I feel this would end up positive.