Freechain Film Review: Community is Everything || A Hive Documentary

The Freechain film, a documentary for Hive, is finally out. I watched it, and the least that I would say is that I was taken aback by what I found. Right off the bat, I’ll put it out there that it is something that everyone should watch. And right here is a review of the film.

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A few months ago, there was a call to action to contribute to a documentary for Hive. I made my video entry and anticipated the film for a long time. I was curious about what sort of film could be made out of blockchain-related topics and Hive, and also how my video would fit in. It’s here now, and my curiosity was satisfied, but with a little more than I expected.

It turned out that the Freechain film was one of fourty-eight entries in what was actually a film festival. And at the end of it all—the 15th of January—there would be a winner to take the award home.

I bought a ticket to the festival that costs $12. It seemed outrageous at first glance, but not so much after finding 48 different films. I was only interested in Freechain, so the price still bugged me, until I forgot because of the impressions the film had on me. And for that reason, I found it impressive, which is why you’re reading this review.



The narrator is lead through various concepts related to the crypto-industry and its vibrant community. The ideas of "freedom" and "tyranny" are revisited. A story of a group of people standing against a billionaire investor that wanted to buy a community, is explored. —from the film.

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The film starts with a narration of something seemingly unrelated to its theme. It was a tale describing “how it all started,” but it was told in a fascinating and endearing way. It was an interesting intro, and that got me eager for what would follow.

The definition of decentralisation had to be explained in order to describe a haven for true ownership of digital identity, content, and assets such as Hive. The story of the birth of Hive and what it really stands for had to be tactfully told, and so it had different parts leading up to it.

Screenshot (337).pngScreenshot (338).png

How each part was connected to the next happened progressively, in a manner that was truly enjoyable. They were cohesive, making the story whole and contributing to the astounding delivery of the film.

Considering that it is about blockchain-related topics, I expected it to be one of those unexciting documentaries I grew up watching. The storywriting made the experience a whole lot different from that.


The film had a narrator tell its story. The voice actor who narrated the story did such an impeccable job at giving life to the story with his ability to portray the messages with the right tone, inflections, and personality. And also, he somehow was able to deliver humour that really got me cracking up at certain points.

Screenshot (335).png

As it was a documentary, there were people who provided insights on the history of Hive and perspectives on important related topics. They did so well to educate and express the message with their experience, knowledge, and in-depth understanding.


I was in awe of what the filmmakers at Freechain were able to deliver with what I saw. The visual storytelling here is something to be highly commended.

Screenshot (336).pngScreenshot (339).png

As the narrator told the story, there was an effective visual aid to portray the message and educate. The art of using the right in the right places was implemented here, and I genuinely appreciate it.



The aim was to vote for Freechain prior to starting the film, but eagerness to do so with alacrity grew within me, and I couldn’t help but construct a comment describing my reason for my choice.

”The voiceover actor was impressively dexterous in his work to tell the film's story. The storyline was progressive, and the entire conglomerate parts of the film were cohesive. The cinematography, audio works, and organic input from concerned community members of the Hive blockchain were more than what I expected from a documentary on blockchain-related topics. The film helped me experience the story of the roots of the life-changing Hive blockchain vicariously through it. 9/10 only because 10 can be perceived as an overrating."

What the Hive community was able to achieve in this film is mind-blowing. I highly recommend this film, as it is a testament to what a true community can do, especially if it is as strong as that of Hive.


All images are screenshots from the film

Accolades to @theycallmedan, @starkerz, and @lordbutterfly for making this masterpiece.

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It always feels good seeing such a positive reaction to the film. It makes me feel like we did something right. 😉
I appreciate the kind words.


You should feel like you did something GREAT, because that's exactly what it is. Thank you for doing it.


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I have no seen this but i want to do it 🤯


Go Go!
Watch it. It's open until 15th of Jan


This sounds interesting.
Will love to see this for myself.

Nice one with the documentary.


I hope that you find it as fascinating as I did when you get to watch it.
Than you!


Alright dear.
You are welcome 😁


Wow, a Freechain film about the block chain. This is fantastic. I would like to watch it as well.



You'll love it. If you ever watch it, let me know what you think.