See (series): I give up, this show sucks

I was really hopeful that this series was somehow going to end up getting good at some point because the reviews for season 2 are much higher than the very poor-performing season 1. I managed to make it 5 out of 8 episodes but I'm at my wits end and would honestly rather read a book than watch any more of this.

The more I think about it the notion of having the entire population be blind is not a good concept and there are a lot of things that don't make any sense about it all in this dystopian series that doesn't just border on the absurd, it is flat out stupid.


There will be spoilers in this rant so if you want to watch this, and I advise that you do not, then don't read ahead


The underlying plot here is that a virus killed off most of the world's population and those that remained were all rendered blind. Then, somehow, the ones that remained started fighting one another and destroyed the world in the process. This is a curious and stupid part of the story because how the hell are a bunch of people who were recently rendered blind going to be capable of using weapons of mass destruction? Helicopters, airplanes, navy ships, tanks, missile systems, all of these things wouldn't be able to be used effectively so how the hell did they destroy everything?

Also, the fact that in 200 years the entire world managed to be without indoor plumbing or electricity is rather odd since there would be some sort of chance that the people who survived the virus would have been able to keep at least some of this stuff going. Yet almost everyone has returned to living like cavemen and at the start of season one we see that someone is literally living in a cave. Yet at the same time these people are able to make rather complex houses, defense mechanisms, as well as rather intricate farming tools and swords. It doesn't make sense.

Also, there are some people that somehow (it isn't explained) possess a sort of magical power to detect where someone is or even where groups of people are. There are also people that can move soundlessly and while the idea behind this sort of character is interesting, it once again doesn't make a lot of sense as to HOW it is that they came to be this way. It isn't explained at all.


The shadow warriors are admittedly an interesting part of the story, probably the most interesting. They cover themselves in mud and can move around completely undetected by the blind population. They are great scouts and are just creepy as hell. I like the concept but there is zero explanation as to how they ended up this way. The other semi-magical abilities such as being able to sense things and smell things that are really far away are also not explained, we just have to take their word on it that it is true, which is fine if you are an 8 year old but I need a bit more substance in my stories.

In I think it was the very first episode we are lead to believe that the village of our hero Baba Voss is doomed because the upcoming horde has them cornered and there is only one way out, which the enemy controls. It is conveniently at this time that one of the "See-ers" informs the tribe that a bridge was built by the legendary man with the ability of sight to help them out if they need it. The villagers do not believe that this is true but lo' and behold, the tribe walks to a certain point that is extremely close to where they all live and voila! There is a bridge! Do you honestly expect the audience to believe that there was a bridge this close to the village the entire time and NOBODY noticed it? I get that they are blind but they seem to excel at everything else like hunting, building, and fishing and of course we have the magical see-er abilities. Nobody noticed this? If it was built recently by the famed guy that can see wouldn't their super-hearing have been alerted to something going on? It's just stupid and is an unnecessary and forced part of the story so we can have a big showdown on a bridge.


Combat is bloody and gruesome, which is something I applaud about this series. They did a good job with this even though some of the tactics they use to dispatch their enemies are completely implausible seeing as how nobody has the ability of sight. In a real blind vs. blind combat situation in the woods I think a lot of folks would just be tripping over rocks and running into trees but in this we have people making lightning quick strikes at an opponent on the other side of a room with no problem. It doesn't matter that they have never been to this location before. Also, in group battles how do the warriors know that they aren't ripping apart their own team? Do they all smell the same? How does anyone know who anyone else is without announcing themselves? It doesn't make sense and again it is never explained.

I am not really a huge fan of narration but honestly, seeing as how this series is extremely long and slow-moving, a narrator would have been a welcome addition to the story especially since we sometimes spend 20-30 minutes in a row without anything happening.


Remember how Game of Thrones was applauded for their racy sexual themes and a bunch of nudity? Well See attempts to copy this sexuality but it is extremely awkward and forced including a bizarre masturbation scene involving the queen very early on before we even know very much about her. And of course this is still Apple so some awkward lesbian action is thrown in there as well.

It's as if they tried to directly copy GoT but hired mentally challenged writers to do it for them.

The story moves at a painfully slow pace and really the only thing that happens for the first 13 hours or so is Baba Voss loses his kids and then spends a great deal of time to regain them, only to end up losing them again and then finding them - jesus it is maddeningly stupid.

After 15 episodes or so, I can honestly say that I don't have any idea what the hell the endgame could possibly be here. They spend the entire first season searching for a man with sight named "Jerlamarel" (which is a horrible and forgettable name that nobody can pronounce let alone remember) and once they finally get to him, basically nothing happens and he becomes a non-issue in the story within 20 minutes of us meeting him.

I have mentioned this before but I can't help but think that Dave Bautista was introduced into season two only because the series was doing so poorly and Apple's thinking was that if we had a showdown between two giants like Momoa and Bautista, people will watch again!


I mean I guess they were right because I was intrigued but then it quickly becomes evident that both Momoa and Bautista's characters, who are brothers in the show, are basically un-kill-able. They are shot with arrows multiple times - Bautista in the chest near internal organs that definitely would kill someone - they are stabbed, and Baba Voss (Momoa) gets shot with a gun once. Yet an hour or so later he is limping a bit and the next day it's like nothing ever happened. All this is accomplished without any sort of medical care as well. It's stupid!

I don't know why the warriors bother with wearing armor because it doesn't seem to have any sort of protective element to it. There is not a single scene that I recall where armor protected anyone. Why bother?

I'm nearly at the end of season 2 and the writing and pacing of this show is so terrible that I don't actually really care where they are going with this. I may skip ahead to season 3 just to see (pun intended) where this is all going. Based on the review scores of season 3 I suspect that it probably doesn't get all that much better. Momoa has shown me one thing because of this though and that is that the dude can't act. He has no range. He is a believable warrior but he completely fails when it comes to scenes where he has to show compassion to his wife and children. I don't know if this can be entirely blamed on Momoa and it could likely be attributed to very poor writing.

I previously had given See a rating of "maybe" but now I am going to change that. I wish I had spent those 15 hours on literally anything else. Do not waste your time!

The only legal way to stream this, and I highly advise that you do not, is on AppleTV+


See a show should never be challenging to see how long you can last and you actually got quite far.


now that you mention it I don't think there has ever been a show that I struggled to enjoy that ended up being worth it. There were movies that this happened in, but never a series.