Make it epic. 40 sek Highlights of HiveFest


40 sek epic highlights from HiveFest.

This time I've used my editor and gave him more freedom - with some of my direction - but still freedom. All I've asked was - make it epic for anyone to watch it - from or outside the community - will a say wow, that is amazing. Hope we manage to do it.

Previous video which is well over 5 minutes it's great but mainly for us community and people who are familiar with Hive - You can see the video here which you can see here -

I've decided to make it into highlights so it can be shared all over web2 social media, so other people can enjoy this quick form of it.


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The video is really awesome and I’m sure that everyone on Hive would love to see this
Go Hive!


The video is amazing. Big ups
Let's keep putting hive on the map


Nicely done! That’s a very inspiring video. Looking forward to seeing your future projects.