Transformers Rise of the Beasts Review

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Transformers Rise of the Beasts Review

It's hard to believe that it has been 16 years since the first Transformers directed by Michael Bay hit our screens in 2007 and we got to see Optimus Prime in his full glory on the big screen. The former data clerk turned warrior becoming one of the most fierce defenders of the auto bots in a battle between warring factions from Cybertron.

Transformers is one of many Japanese Anime adaptions that has continued to showcase the strength and skill of Japanese writers and their ability to develop stories and films that inspire the globe across many generations. Much like Dragonball Z and many many other great Anime shows.

Although the film scored great amongst families it is reported that the adult scoring didn't particularly enjoy the film all to well with even Michael Bay conceding the film was bad. Although I felt the first film was great and the second one just as good, it could very well have been because it was the first time we saw Optimus in somewhat of a real life setting. Despite it being CGI, Michael Bay did a wonderful job bringing it to life and the acting along side it was superb.

And do we need to say anything more other than Megan Fox?

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Transformers: Fall from grace

Unfortunately by the third instalment a lot of cracks began to appear that not only impacted the cast but also the films continuity, we lost Megan Fox and for a while we didn't know why. But in Megan's own words, she compared Bay to Hitler on set. Showcasing some rifts had emerged and destroying Transformers cannon.

Bay left the franchise after the third instalment and things went even more odd with our other main character Sam played by Shia LaBeouf who went onto an artistic life. Claiming he has been sexually assaulted during one of his performances IAMSORRY. The star than went onto play an extreme controversial part in Nymphomaniac filming a real life sex scene that has pretty much seen him scrubbed from any family films and future Transformer movies.

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Transformers Goes Extinct

The franchise started to show some signs of further erosion as Mark Wahlberg came in to reignite the franchise and take it down another part of the story line. Although the 2 films didn't go well with fans but we did get to see some epic dinosaur Transformers emerge. Hard to believe these gigantic metal beasts have been living amongst humanity undetected and not even seen by satellite.

But it is a film so let's not go too deep into over thinking things because it is purely for entertainment.

In 2018 we saw bumblebee released and I think I have watched it but I can't remember so it was either good or bad and I can't recall it. I do happen to remember a beetle in someone's garage so I think that is it. Either way, Bumblebee remains everyone's fav character. Which rise of the bests does us no favour on. Spoiler alert a head.

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Attempt at Retro

Well, so now this is where things get a little messy, if you haven't noticed a lot of films are starting to go retro. This has been brought on by the huge success of Stranger Things although it aired many years ago, many films are just starting to look at how they can incorporate a retro setting.

So instead of moving forward in time Transformers just brought in a new film and based it in the 90s and tried to make it fit in the time line. Not an easy feat because in doing so this means a lot of characters they do bring in must die. Or if they bring in current ones from the first transformers they need to survive. Any changes or new characters than you know who will die and who will not.

Bit like Star Wars, Rogue One we already knew all those characters had to die because we were told that years ago. This also provides writers a bit of freedom in exploration because any new skills, attributes or things that could have impacted the main time line are killed off before they can.

With Optimus that can't because he is needed. They also can't buff him up too much or it will break the main timeline.

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Time has been disrupted

Which in case you missed it, they still managed to do as pointed out There is a reference to Mark Wahlberg as Marky Mark which now throws an entire hole in things. Is this a universe where Mark Wahlberg and Cade Yeager coexist or are they the same person?

Transformers haven't actually created a star smashing hit just yet but their films do make a lot of loot from families and younger members of society.

So maybe as long as robots that turn into cars and other things keep showing up, so to will the people willing to pay to see the films.

What are your thoughts on Transformers?


Well, I've not seen this movie and I'm not familiar with the actors either but you mentioned it to be Japanese movie. I've seen so many Japanese movies and they all are almost as good as perfect especially the old ones just like this too.
I may check it out if it is on Netflix