Those who cling to death live and those that cling to life die, John Wick


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Those who cling to death live and those that cling to life die, John Wick

John Wick Chapter 4 has finally been released and while I did watch this a few weeks ago I wanted to await some time in order not to provide anyone with spoliers. I was saddened to think that from news circulating that this was the last time we would see Mr Wick in action. Although eventually he did have to die some how and like winston says "when will this end?"

But that's not to say John Wick is dead and I want to provide my own Fan Theroy on his death but a little later on in today's article. First lets take a look at what went down and why this movie was an epic masterpiece!

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In the beginning

So the movie opens up with where we expected it with John Wick making a recovery and right from the onstart we had some questions. Mainly so in that John Wick was presumed DEAD. So now we have the worlds most deadliest assassin on the loose and no one knows he is dead.

Except that isn't John's caper, within a few moments his racing across the dessert on a horse chasing down some possible guards who are racing back to the high table representative that cost john his finger. While I first anticipated this to be the main plot trying to find this guy given the hardship he first endured the writers had other ideas having him killed off easily.

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Instead the story line goes back to everyone's favorite hotel manager Winston. although many speculated Winston helped fake John Wick's death it turns out not to be the case with the high table sending a hench man to end Winston's reign.

But Winston being a crafty Hotel Manager proving why the High Table put him there he manages to weezle in some revenge which is what takes us through the main movie plot. John Wick now has to 1 v 1 the high table representative for his freedom all while being chased by an old friend who has to kill him or his dauther dies. The kicker he's blind.

There is also another addition, a tracker who is following Wick but doesn't want to kill him yet due to the fact that he believes he can make more money and in fact helps Wick in order to keep him alive.

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Rules of Engagement Change

Now this is where things get a little confusing and the cannon of John Wick's world makes no sense because all these side events that are occurring exhibit the behavior of what got John Wick excommunicano in the first place. Someone killed his dog and stole his car so he went on a killing spree.

Yet here we are now with people doing worse and they're not excommunicano...

Although there is a slight reference to the world with Winston stating that John is becoming quite the legend and there appears to be some growing dissent which is why the High Table is going to hard in order to maintain control of the situation.

I guess what's worse than one John Wick but an entire sector that is not following the rules.

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The Duel

Now this takes us to the ending and fan theory. So John aggrees to a duel for his freedom but a theme quickly emerges in that no one believes he will take his freedom because he was already granted it in the passed and broke the rules and was right back where he started.

The only way out for John appears to be death and at one stage it appears he has come to agree to that fate. He also has issues knowing that he will need to kill his friend and his friend doesn't want to do what he is doing but has no choice or his daughter will be killed.

This puts Winston in a bad position because if Wick dies so does Winston.

Also instead of the High Table rep being the person dueling John as he first intended his blind friend takes the place.

After quite the dramatic entrance the duel commences and right away we see John is not himself in that he doesn't kill his friend right away. On the second round he hurts his friend but doesn't kill.

Then he turns to his friend and says Those who cling to death live to which his friend responds those that cling to life die. He's friend takes the shot and John falls to the ground. To the audiance we are not clear if John fired but the High Table rep takes the opportunity to take over from his champion thinking John fired his shot.

Once on the field ready to shoot a weakened John, winston calls him arrogant as John has shot yet, before the High Table rep can react John headshots him.

In it I think John told his friend what to do in his saying, clinging to death in order to live.

We believe John is dead at this stage left to bleed out and we do see a grave but we do not have it confirmed.

The end credits scene show us a new John emerging claiming retribution for her fathers death, an act surely would cause her to become excommunicano.

But have the rules now changed? Or will John return to save his friends daughter?

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