The Flash: Box Office Sprint to failure

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The Flash: Box Office Sprint to failure

This week I sat down to watch the Flash and I had high hopes for the DCU in relation to the screening of The Flash, a well rounded hero with super speed. Although void of many super hero powers like, super strength or other things. He has always been a well liked friendly hero.

If there was ever any hero that can reclaim the DCU failures it would be the flash. Yes, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are all great heros and they have started off strong. But for some reason failed to hit the mark in relation to stories.

I have a few theories in regards to why but we will fist go through The Flash and my experiences watching the film. It will also bring in some reasoning why the DCU continues to fail when up against Marvel.

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The Opening Scene
There was a lot of back story to catch up on with The Flash given we haven’t particularly seen much of his origins or developlement which is an important part of every comic book hero.

DCU has opted for the "viewers already know our hero" approach and they gave us an advanced flash with a super hero suit that has a broad range of applications and power enhancers. They also gave as an intro scene to how the Flash operates with the need to eat. Understandable given the calorie deficit our here would be in through all the fast paced running her does.

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The opening scene was also important in that it provided us a bit of background to the limitations and abilities of what The Flash can do when it comes to other people. Unlike superman who can run up and down and hold people as he flies fast, the flash appears to not be able to do this without harming people.

There was also an attempt to bring in all the current DCU characters except for Superman, given Henry Cavils exit from the DCU this makes sense. Now this was a set up for the scene ahead where the flash runs back into the past and an attempt at a forumula that MCU nailed in spider man multiverse of madness.

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Unfortunately The Flash hasn't had enough time to grow on audiances and it didn't have a mistake the fix like spiderman did, not with The Flash anyway. The application of The Flash in a similar way of Spiderman hasn't worked and the central point they decided to focus on wasn't even one of the peak DCU movements.

It did however, have an issue with Batman given the many actors and they did well with how they rolled in all the Batmans. But they should have applied this story to Batman not the Flash.

As a result this gave us no real story line basis other then the Flash having to go back in time to undo what he had done. Oh and remove Ben Afflek as Batman.

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The Failed Flash

The other issue with the film is that it had absolutely no core story line to rally behind and the ol mum dying wasn't reallt the place for a superhero film and again tried to align it to Spiderman and uncle Ben.

This resulted in a number of core superheros appearing on our screen and acheiving absolutely nothing. Their purpose didn't even add to the story.

The Flash was always going to go back in time to undo what he had done due to what he had learned so the realisation happened before hand.

As a result we have ended up with one of the worst DCU films on record.

Lets hope George Clooney can save Batman... although he might be passed hes use by date.


The movies these days are sadly garbage. I’m surprised they didn’t add some obnoxious unnecessary woke shit to the flash movie. They seem to ruin most movies with that these days but that not occurring here and it still sucks isn’t good lol