Loki Season Finale: The Masterpiece

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Loki Season Finale: The Masterpiece

Well here we are Ciners finally back for another blog, I do apologise for taking some time away it's nothing personal rather than my life has been consumed by mainly childrens shows and rewatching old Disney movies. From time to time I do manage to sneak in a few series which I tend to binge watch in a few days while the kids are in bed.

One of the series I have been absolutely mezmerised by is Loki and I have to admit I wasn't expecting this series to be as good as it was. Marvel has made a few good series on Disney and they have also made quite a few flops.

Although alot of people will watch them as they enjoy the canon and the expanded universe. I found agent carter wasn't the best, it was ok. the other odd one people are raving about but I don't like is Secret Invasion... not a fan.

I remember when Loki first came out I wasn't too into it and thought I would just watch it to follow along with the cannon as Wandavision was really important to have watched otherwise Multiverse of Madness wouldn't have made as much sence. I find this a bit tacky from the major film companies as it forces people to purchase streaming services to keep upto date with emerging news.

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Loki Character Development

Now lets be honest here, at this stage we all thought that by Avengers Endgame all our heros had undergone significant character development and now are better versions of themselves. Loki having been killed by Thanos was a bitter sweet redemption arch for the lord of mistchief.

But there was a slight aspect of curiosity for me when time travel took us back to a Loki that had tried to kill the Avengers while working with Thanos. So I was intrigued by where thet would take him.

Given that Loki eventually turned good in the main story line it was evident that he would become good once again. Although there would be a lot of trickery along the way. What more could this series bring to Loki?

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WoW! that is all I can say, while the first series put us on to a Loki that we hadn't seen before there was still an element of him wanted to break out and be his villinous self once again. But by the time the 2nd season came around Loki was an entirely new person.

He was a suite! A full blown employee wanting to maintain order and didn't want to upset things and went to work trying to save it all. I won't go too much into spoiler mode but Loki's arch really did do an entire 360.

Although he did finally get his wish and the thing he was always after throughout his entire life.


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His Wish Granted

So I really want to go into this part in depth but I am consious that not everyone would have seen the series just yet so I won't spoil it for everyone. But it has to be one of Marvel's best plays and screen writing recorded.

Marvel have produced some really good content and some absolute shockers along the way and more often it feels like they're producing bad films atm. But Loki, Loki oh my they nailed it.

In relation to other Marvel films it is quite interesting and while many are saying they are shockers there is a reason to this and it's quite simple. An entire cohort of views grew up with Iron Man and the Avengers. We all waited for the next film and fell in love with all the characters.

Their stories have all concluded and now Marvel are bringing in new characters and stories. This is a massive issue for the fan's who have grown up and feel an attachment to the current characters, the next line of stories will not hit the same level. Although I sense Marvel knows this which is why they are aiming for other demographics such as Shang-Chi which brings in an entirely different genre and was a fantastic film.

Marvel has it's work cut out for it over the next decade it can redeem itself by bringing back classic characters like Blade, I think that will do well.

What are your thoughts?

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I don’t have any thought yet…hahaha
It is actually interesting from what I heard here
It seem cool


Loki! One of the cunning character in marvel production. I have heard so much about this new series but haven't watched it. That will be on my next watch list