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This weekend we decided to head down to the Drive In's one of the last ones left in Melbourne. While I had fond memories of this beautiful venue as a kid times have truely changed. It used to be brimming with people and the line to get in was down the road, but lately it is becoming a bit of a ghost town.

No doubt that is to do with the change of the location. Not so much the Drive In's changing but the suburb around it. Once nestled amongst factories and industry the area surrounding has become urbanised and development has kicked in with multi million dollar homes now surrounding the venue.

Much of Melbourne's sprawl has moved 25kms away, where once many youngish families resided close by the area has transformed into a bustling hive of eateries and venues catering to the ageing population that now surrounds it and the culture has changed.

Either way, we headed down because it is a great experience for the kids and I wanted to watch the last of the Guardian's of the Galaxy. Although drive in's aren't the best for watching films as the projector technology used limits the screen resolution and visibility. Another reason why Drive In's are probably declining due to their stagnant technology and lack of screen upgrades.

The film was pretty good and I can see why it is the last in the franchise because we are at a period where our heros are not afraid of anything anymore, after all they have rocked with gods and taken on world destroyers. Some guy with a suit isn't all that scary and at this point as Quill says "I don't care about your story".

Quill and the team have reached peak god mode and probably suffering from PTSD at this stage.

Adam Warlock was quite the flop but he needed to be, as a new character entering the universe they need to apply the character development formula. Starts of weak and finds himself to become ultimate, that's what we all want to see.

Overall the film was really good and I enjoyed it even if the little one's fell asleep and my car is a total mess!

Do you have drive in's in your area and do you attend?

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Always an adventure. I thought the shot with the Mongoose, Capybara, Racoon creature was a shot from Alien, long live Bishop.