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The word “heist” piqued my curiosity and at the click of a button, I started to watch this recent release. Perhaps because of the tension and adrenaline-pumping action involved in heists, I enjoy watching them, while secretly hoping in my heart that the culprits are caught as they often escape.

Final Heist (2024) is a low budget American drama about a heist but the reason for this illegal activity is the twist in the film. The opening scene reveals a big bank van for collecting cash and valuables packed in front of a church. A young man, Liev, in the driver seat, speaking through his wireless earpiece to a pretty lady, Willa, sitting on a park bench. She rubs her belly and says ‘the baby is not kicking yet’.

Soon two other ladies are revealed waiting in a vehicle parked outside the church while one stands by the entrance door to the church, watching and greeting people. A uniformed security guard with a bag emerges from the church and the message is passed to the man in the van. A heist is going on in broad daylight!

There's a commotion and Liev is shut by the church's security guard when he realises what's going on. The ladies drive away before the police arrive, leaving wounded Liev behind. Some years later, Willa has a child with a heart problem and needs a heart tissue transplant that only her biological father can provide or she won't survive. Liev is in jail, serving time for the heist but gets on the wrong side of the warden and is beaten into a coma.

Willa visits the prison for the first time after many years and the warden won't let her have access to her daughter's father. The only option left to save little Sophia is a ‘final’ heist. Will this rusty gang remember how things are done and successfully get the heart tissue from the tightly guarded prison?

Though I enjoy heist movies, Final Heist turns out to be a fine one because of the twist in it—the heist is for something honourable. I have so many “buts” concerning this movie. I didn't check the rating or read the synopsis before watching. I just dived straight into it and from the first scene, I knew this isn't a class A or B kind of film. From the awkward, self-conscious acting of the cast to the visuals, and their dialogues, I realised it's a low budget film.




Written and directed by Ted Campbell, the plot of this film is good. The storytelling is great but the acting and visuals are its shortcomings. I love the direction the storytelling takes. We get a glimpse of the past—why the gang split up—and this replicates itself many years later when they think they'll never do it again. It's like a child caught stealing who promises never to do it but finds himself doing it again.

The twist that makes the gang return to their past sins is touching. A life must be saved against all odds. The final scene where the heist goes down is the strength of the film and it had me on the edge of my seat. It's suspenseful and action-packed. Also, I like that the plot is not all about the heist but a little room is given to some drama between the ladies. This part adds some colour to the film.

This is the first time I'm seeing these cast members in a film but their acting is not so good. They tried but their awkwardness was just too glaring from the first scene. It's like they were brought on set and shooting of scenes began that same day. Some of them won't look each other in the face and they make nervous gestures. I think Ted Campbell should have worked better on this part. Sometimes, a plot may not be so good but strong and confident acting can salvage the film and bring it into the limelight.

Overall, Final Heist is a fine film with a straightforward plot but it could do better. I'll recommend it for a weekend watch. Enjoy it and don't take any part of it too seriously. I'll give it 3 stars out of 5.

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Wow, I love this review. It's kinda a historic action pack.


OKAY! This sounds like a thrilling movie to watch. The suspense of the part where thr final heist is done, I am curious. So if Willa daughter wasn't she would have carried on with her life and forget about the father. So many questions. I will add this to my watchlist. Amazing review and thank you for thr recommendation.
!discovery 45


Indeed it's a thrilling movie. I hope you get to see it so you get answers to your questions without me spoiling it for you! Hehe. Thanks so much for your visit and support.