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A good spy thriller targeted at the heart of one of the most powerful nations in the world is a must watch for me. The action, suspense, espionage and political plays are intriguing and present a good mental challenge. So it's the weekend, why not binge-watch a spy thriller miniseries?

The Chief of British military intelligence (MI6), Martin Angelis (played by Ciarán Hinds), is unexpectedly poisoned and taken to the hospital. His deputy, Adam Lawrence (played by Charlie Cox), immediately assumes the position of chief. He receives a call from his ex-lover, Kara Yusova (played by Olga Kurylenko), a Russian spy and this sets off a domino effect, rocking the stability of his loving family, destabilises the upcoming general election, triggers the CIA into sending a team into London and uncovering Adam's past missions. What does Kara Yusova want from Adam as chief of MI6?

The plot of this miniseries is brilliant—politics, espionage and action. It's intriguing and the storytelling is delivered in a manner that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The twists and turns are so superb that we don't know who the enemy is until the very end. Suspicions are raised from the beginning and almost every character is cast in the dark until a bulk of evidence appears at the end revealing the good and bad guys.

The creator, Matt Charman, did a great job though there are incredulous scenes which won't happen in reality. For example, Adam receives vital intel from his Russian spy and feeds it to his security team and no one questions him. That's unrealistic. All the same, it doesn't detract from the intrigue.





I last saw Charlie Cox in action as a blind lawyer by day and vigilante by night in the Marvel series, Daredevil and he was great in it. In Treason, he's like a shadow of himself—not as tough, jittering, impulsive and not as clever as the leader of a military intelligence should be. I guess it's the script and he had to flow with it like that. His decisions are recklessly made and when he realises and tries to fix them, it proves too late.

In all the films I've seen Ciarán Hinds in, he's always the villain. Why? I guess some actors do better as the bad guys. His performance in this miniseries is convincing and perfect. He's fearless and cunning; every move is strategic which trait Adam lacks as chief.

I love female actors who play the role of badass spy/assassins in action thrillers and one of them is Olga Kurylenko. Once her face appeared on my screen, I knew this series would be worth watching. She embodies her role as a Russian spy impressively and her action scenes are well played. She's tough, kills without conscience yet expresses emotions when we least expect it.

The cinematography is good and so is the editing. The action scenes are well executed.

The only area I would fault this series is its brevity. Treason is five episodes long and each episode is about forty-five minutes. The storytelling is executed in a fast-paced, rush mode, which is good but has its downside. Some information that could be acted out is relayed by word of mouth in some scenes. A little flashback would have been nice to tie the relationship of Kara and Adam but we didn't get any of that.

Overall, this is a fine miniseries worth binge-watching if you are into spy thrillers. The end gives us the impression that there might be a second season though I wish they wouldn't. Some series are best left at just one season. Any more stretching and they'll end up nauseating their audience. I enjoyed it and give it 3.8 stars out of 5.

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Oh, it's been a while I have watched a good MI6 spy thriller. Seeing Cox here as the lead actor was unexpected. I have to see this series to see his performance. Thank you for the recommendation, added to watchlist.
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I was surprised to see him in the series too. I didn't check the cast or read the synopsis as the series came highly recommended from a friend. I dove right in and it was worth watching! You'll love it too. Thanks so much for your visit and support. !PIMP !LADY 💕