My New Script, Use the Listen Feature !



[Opening shot: A dimly lit office building at night, with a single figure sitting alone in a private bathroom stall]

Narrator (in a deep, suspenseful voice): In a world consumed by work and deadlines, one man seeks solace in the most unlikely of places.

[Quick shots of the protagonist scrolling through his phone, creating memes]

Narrator: He made memes while shitting at work, saving them up for his quarterly post.

[Cut to a montage of the protagonist typing on his phone, with intense music building]

Narrator: But he had bigger dreams. A game on HIVE that would change everything.

[Quick shots of the protagonist deep in thought, images of game concepts flashing across the screen]

Narrator: The cost remained a mystery, and finding someone to create it seemed impossible.

[Images of busy coworkers rushing past the protagonist, portraying their overwhelming schedules]

Narrator: With everyone consumed by their own development, who could help him bring his vision to life?

[Cut to a close-up shot of the protagonist's face, determination in his eyes]

Protagonist (in a determined voice): I won't let that stop me.

[Quick shots of the protagonist sneaking into the private bathroom stall, hiding from the world]

Narrator: In the shadows, he found his refuge.

[Dark, atmospheric shots of the bathroom stall, emphasizing secrecy and suspense]

Narrator: The techniques he developed, the secrets he uncovered.

[Montage of the protagonist demonstrating his techniques, locking the stall door with the garbage picker]

Narrator: He mastered the art of privacy, ensuring uninterrupted moments of solitude.

[Cut to a shot of the protagonist smiling mischievously]

Narrator: But not everyone would understand.

[Quick shots of people entering the bathroom, only to be deterred by the protagonist's clever tactics]

Narrator: He used every trick in the book, from fake farts to splashing noises.

[Images of confused coworkers quickly leaving the bathroom, searching for another one]

Narrator: His reign over the private bathroom stall was absolute.

[Quick shots of the protagonist returning to work, a triumphant smirk on his face]

Narrator: But as the world moved on, he knew his time was limited.

[Images of the protagonist deep in thought, contemplating his next move]

Narrator: The clock was ticking. Would he be able to create his game before it was too late?

[Final shot of the protagonist staring into the camera, determination burning in his eyes]

Protagonist (whispered): This is just the beginning.


Narrator: Memes and deep thoughts. A journey of creativity and secrecy.

[Title appears on the screen: "Memes and Deep Thoughts"]

Narrator: Coming soon.




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