Modern Hollywood Hits Reshot in Old Hollywood Style


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There has been a recent trend on the internets that is pretty great. People are using AI and combining it with some animation apps to produce 1950s style movie trailers, imagining what modern Hollywood hits might have looked like back in the day. Most of them seem to be aiming more for 1930s Hollywood, but that's a minor quip. They are fun looks at how things might have looked had they been made in another era.

I thought I'd share a few of these today, just in case you haven't seen any yet.

Let's start with this one...

Star Wars

See, that seems like pure 1930s to me. I'm getting a real "Adventures of Robin Hood" vibe, in fact.

As impressive as that one was, this next is even better:

Lord of the Rings

Again, a very 1930s feel. That one was so well done you can imagine them actually making it back in the day. Really incredible.

How about...


As with Lord of the Rings, I wasn't actually a big fan of the recent Dune film. There were too many changes or omissions from the books, so although I did enjoy seeing some scenes, overall I wasn't a huge fan. That said, I'd love to watch an attempt in this style.

And we'll do one more...

Pirates of the Caribbean

Pretty fun, eh? If you liked any of those, be sure to explore the rest of his channel—dude has made tons of these. As quickly as this AI technology is improving, all of these will be outdated before the end of the year. There have been a few stories of ChatGPT already having perfect AI video creation, so much so that they aren't going to release it until after the US election for fear of what it could cause. True or not, I'm sure much better AI generated video is right around the corner. Still, we can enjoy what is here now, and these are all very well done.

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Yeehaw! These retro-style movie trailers sure do bring a spark of nostalgia and creativity to the screen. Keep on enjoying the magic of these old Hollywood vibes!


Haha, Gandalf and Aragorn still look the same. Arwynn looks better than Liv Tyler I've never really found her attractive anyway. These are pretty cool. It's amazing what people can do these days!