The movie "Old Man" was successful with the space and atmosphere created

Let's analyze the movie Old Man, with its brain-burning and twisty story. Although the movie takes place in one location, it has a great story transition with excellent performances. The dialog between the two characters and the atmosphere created in a mountain hut manages to make you feel the tension at its peak.


The story begins when a young man on a hike gets lost and takes refuge in a mountain hut where he stumbles upon an old man living alone, and the dialog between the two turns into moments of tension. At the beginning, their conversation is based on trust and mistrust, but the possibility of secrets that the two keep from each other makes the movie very interesting. After a while, the movie becomes an incredible pleasure to watch because you are most curious about the secrets.

You notice a lot of changes in the conversations between the characters. You think that they are going to kill each other, but suddenly you are impressed by the warm, sincere conversation. The thoughtful reactions and examples they gave to every event they described were definitely worth seeing.

Stephan Lang, who plays the character of Old Man in the film, was very successful in making you feel the tension with a frightening appearance with every behavior he reflected with the character. There is a waking up scene right at the beginning of the movie (you see the same scene at the end of the movie), which is like a great preview of what the rest of the movie promises. I likened the character's dialogues and the examples he used in his dialogues to an old man sharing his experience.


The mountain hut, the only location in the movie, and the way it was decorated with old furniture contributed to the frightening atmosphere. The superb performance of the actors and the way they used every item in it was extraordinary. At no point in the movie did the tension go down, it either stayed at the same level or went up, sometimes becoming extremely frightening.

There were moments when the movie turned the audience on its head when two different stories, created in accordance with the atmosphere of the movie, were merged into a single story. The curiosity to learn the secrets hidden in the two different characters and lives reflected until the stories are merged does not diminish the attention to watch the movie. The movie can be a bit boring until the dialog between the characters starts to mature, but then, with the atmosphere created, curiosity, suspense and fear come into play and the flow of the movie accelerates.

In the movie, the impression that the characters keep secrets from each other is kept mysterious to a certain extent. This was a small detail that triggered the sense of curiosity and increased the pleasure of watching the movie. What I liked the most was the harmony of the character played by Stephen Lang with the place. The character really reflects the feeling that he has been living in that hut for many years. Apart from that, I liked the location and the way it was decorated because I think it was extremely suitable for the tension created in the movie.


What I found weak in the movie was the first moments when the character Joe (played by Marc Senter) comes to the cabin as a lost hiker. His reactions in the tense moments and the atmosphere he encountered were very awkward with a fake appearance. As the dialog progressed, he got rid of this weakness and his performance improved. Maybe it was intentional because he was entering a new place and meeting someone he didn't know for the first time, but I didn't like those moments.

I recommend Old Man to all those who love the thriller, horror genre. If you think that you don't mind that it takes place between two people in one place, then definitely watch it. I liked the movie and the actors with its different structure, I can say that it was definitely worth watching. The moments that made me sweat and the moments where the story was integrated were the details that added value to the pleasure of watching. The atmosphere created in accordance with the fiction was simply magnificent. Thank you for being here and reading, and I wish a good time to those who will watch the movie.