The Girl with All the Gifts


A fungus that settles in the human brain turns all the people it infects through blood and saliva into zombies. Compared to other zombie-themed movies, the story is more interesting in terms of the initial stage of the virus.


What makes the story of The Girl with All the Gifts more interesting is that the children infected with the virus in the womb are born both as humans and zombies. Although the process of coming into the world is a bit troublesome, the movie focuses on the half-zombie, half-human child species and seeks to find a definitive solution to the problem through them.

Up to a point, the movie manages to keep the mystery about the children and the tension it spreads through the children; up to a point, it carries the momentum in a way to move upwards. While the movie arouses a lot of curiosity in the moments when the story is mysterious, I can say that the story flow was extraordinary.

The adventure that starts in a laboratory moves outside and, best of all, into nature. In productions where the human race is facing extinction, I am so used to watching a character's efforts to save all of humanity and succeed in the end; in a production where a similar hero was not created and humanity almost came to an end, what happened managed to turn me upside down. It had an unusual ending and I think that was one of the little details that made the movie more special.


The story of the movie turns into a chase after everything is revealed and the mysteries are solved. I can't say that I found the moments when the action starts unsuccessful, but I can say that it caused the movie's momentum to drop. I think the mystery of the movie could have been kept for a while longer and the atmosphere of tension could have been maintained.

But in spite of everything, after the final scene at the end of the movie throws the audience for a loop, you forget a few negatives. In general terms, I can say that the story of the movie progresses in the mystery and thriller genre up to a certain point, and after a certain point, it progresses in the adventure genre. I can't help but say that I liked the mystery-thriller moments more.

Sennia Nanua, who gave life to the character of Melanie, who was born half human and half zombie and who was at the center of all the researches, was the focal point of the story of the film. I can say that she gave a very successful performance, but what I didn't understand was whether she was the one who destroyed humanity or the one who saved humanity.


Gemma Arterton, who plays Helen, was my favorite actress. She knew what she was doing and was confident throughout the movie. At no point in the story did her character contradict herself and her actions. At the end of the movie, even though I couldn't figure out whether she was a prisoner or a leading role in the emergence of a new race, the character she portrayed was in harmony with the story of the movie.

You should definitely watch The Girl with All the Gifts. The movie is quite different from the usual zombie movies and stories. I am saying this both in terms of story progression and in terms of characters. I am sure you will understand what I mean better when you watch the movie.