Above Suspicion


Above Suspicion, which tells the story of two contrasting characters who risk everything to follow their dreams, had a very strange beginning.


The voice-over narration of a murdered woman in a scene with a bird's eye view in a wooded area with a magnificent view was quite thought-provoking. This scene at the very beginning of the movie affects you deeply. Most of all, the phrase "you think best when you are dead, because when you are dead, you have plenty of time" used by the woman during her narration was both thought-provoking and exemplary.

The story of the movie takes place in a town whose main source of livelihood is mining, at a time when everything is accepted to make money. People risk everything to earn money and make a living, some leave the town and migrate to other places.

Susan, one of the characters who tries to leave but is stuck in the town, is a criminal who is mired in drug addiction. Although she accepts her fate, she is in a constant search and struggle for salvation. Emilia Clarke, who plays Susan, reminded me of Grace McKenna in the movie U Turn with her acting. Grace, like Susan, was a daredevil who risked everything to get out of the town she was stuck in, but Jennifer Lopez, who gave life to Grace, reflected her character more successfully.


Agent Cash, who settled in the town for his first mission after becoming an agent, added value to the movie with a strong character debut as the one who managed to follow his dreams. Johnny Knoxville, who gave life to Agent Cash, had an extraordinary performance with his transitions and his eagerness to fulfill his dreams.

Although it seemed like an interesting coincidence that the two crossed paths in order to fulfill their dreams, it was interesting to see the characters they portrayed, which were not different from each other. Even though they have opposite characters and paths, it was nice to watch them reconcile at some point.

The two characters I mentioned contribute a lot to the movie. The story of the movie is based on the cooperation and games that revolve between the two, and in line with their goals; the way the story was handled was successful. The connection between the beginning and the end of the movie surprises the audience a bit. Even though I managed to predict the final scene towards the end, the movie manages to keep its mystery until the end.


You should definitely watch the movie Above Suspicion. Salvation can sometimes be the end of a life. Or instead of insisting too much on pursuing your dreams, accepting fate may be the right choice. The movie has a few real life teachings like that. I think it is definitely worth watching and deserves the time spent.

Thank you for being here and reading. I hope you have a good weekend and I wish everyone who is going to watch the movie a good time. See you in my next post, bye!