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When we talk about investments we always try to look for the best risk/benefit ratio and it has all the logic in the world, because who does not like to see their finances flourish? In the world of cryptocurrencies there are countless methods that in one way or another have caused great impacts on how to invest money and the Hive blockchain is not far behind in this regard.

The Chess Brothers team has devised a plan for all those finance enthusiasts and other hivers who want to get an interesting return on their HP as well as contribute greatly to the growth of this project. We invite you to read on.

Master Investor Plan

By delegating your HP to our @chessbrotherspro account you will become a Master Investor, which, for our 1.0 edition of the plan, has the following benefits and their respective terms and conditions:


♟︎ You will perceive Earnings for curation rewards, which will be:

✅ Liquid: that is, in Hive tokens.
✅ Automatic: you just delegate us and you don't need to do anything else.
✅ Regular: as early as one week.

♟︎ Additionally, you will be granted a role on our Discord server acknowledging your status as Master Investor and you will be included in our mentions of recognition in our posts (you are free to opt out of this if you so express).

Terms and conditions:

♟︎ HP delegations will be recognized and paid out once active for seven (7) continuous days.
♟︎ Earnings will be calculated depending on how much your delegated HP represents in relation to @chessbrotherspro's total HP. For example, if your HP represents 10% of the total HP, you will receive 10% of the curation rewards to return.
♟︎ Your earnings will be paid via transfer to your Hive wallet, the same as the account making the delegation.
♟︎ Between 90% and 100% of the curation rewards produced will be paid out.
♟︎ Payouts will be made once a week every Saturday (UTC). A report will be published with various details.

How to delegate?

You can follow any of the following example links that will allow you to do the delegation using Hivesigner, but you can use the method and amount of your preference.

Delegate 10 HP 50 HP 100 HP 500 HP 1000 HP

We invite you to join our Discord server in case you have any questions or need more information.

For more information about Chess Brothers please visit our website at chessbrothers.com

Thank you for your support and desire to grow with us.


Cuando hablamos de inversiones siempre tratamos de buscar la mejor relación riesgo/beneficio y tiene toda la lógica del mundo, pues ¿a quien no le gusta ver florecer sus finanzas? En el mundo de las criptomonedas existen incontables métodos que de una u otra forma han causado grandes impactos en la manera de como invertir el dinero y la blockchain de Hive no se queda atrás al respecto.

El equipo de Chess Brothers (@chessbrotherspro) ha ideado un plan para todos aquellos entusiastas de las finanzas y demás hivers que quieren obtener un rendimiento interesante de su HP además de contribuir en gran medida con el crecimiento de este proyecto. Te invitamos a seguir leyendo.

Programa Master Investor (Maestro Inversor)

Con la delegación de tu HP a nuestra cuenta @chessbrotherspro te convertirás en un Maestro Inversor (Master Investor), lo cual, para nuestra edición 1.0 del programa, tiene los siguientes beneficios y sus respectivas condiciones:


♟︎ Percibirás Ganancias por recompensas de curación, las cuales serán:

✅ Líquidas: esto es, en tokens de Hive.
✅ Automáticas: solo nos delegas y ya no necesitas hacer más nada.
✅ Regulares: tan pronto como una semana.

♟︎ Adicionalmente, se te otorgará un rol en nuestro servidor de Discord reconociendo tu estatus de Master Investor y serás incluido en nuestras menciones de reconocimiento en nuestros posts (tienes la libertad de no optar por esto si así lo expresas).


♟︎ Las delegaciones de HP se reconocerán y pagarán una vez estén activas durante siete (7) días continuos.
♟︎ Las ganancias se calcularán dependiendo de cuanto represente tu HP delegado en relación con el HP total de @chessbrotherspro. Por ejemplo, si tu HP representa el 10% del HP total, recibirás el 10% de las recompensas de curación a retornar.
♟︎ Tus ganancias serán pagadas vía transferencia a tu monedero de Hive, el mismo de la cuenta que hace la delegación.
♟︎ Se pagará entre el 90% y 100% de las recompensas de curación producidas.
♟︎ Los pagos se realizarán una vez por semana todos los sábados (UTC). Se publicará un reporte con varios detalles.

¿Cómo hacer la delegación?

Puedes seguir cualquiera de los siguientes links de ejemplo que te permitirán hacer la delegación usando Hivesigner, pero puedes usar el método y el monto de tu preferencia.

Delega 10 HP 50 HP 100 HP 500 HP 1000 HP

Te invitamos a unirte a nuestro servidor de Discord por si tienes alguna duda o necesitas más información al respecto.

Para mayor información de Chess Brothers visita nuestro sitio web chessbrothers.com

Gracias por tu apoyo y deseo de crecer con nosotros


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From chess to DeFi. Interesting development.
Not sure, what´s the point, maybe I missed something.

You say, "Between 90% and 100% of the curation rewards produced will be paid out". But if I don´t delegate, 100% will be payed out - to me. So why should I delegate?


"to get an interesting return on their HP as well as contribute greatly to the growth of this project"

what is not clear here?

All authors who get votes are getting help and more and more fun will arrive.


Not clear is why someone should grow another project for the sake of his own growth. As if one would say, "your project is less worth than mine, so delegate something". Then why not simply ask for donations directly, instead of diguising them? My account has also grown over the last 6 years, but all by myself, I never begged for votes or delegations! So I feel justified to ask a simple question, if someone tries to grow a project all by the help of others and not by own investments/efforts.


I think the chessbrothers project is something new and worth to support. If you see the latest video on youtube from them you see their big effort to get the idea of fittness and chess together. Also in Venezuela things are not as easy as they are for us here in central Europe.
(I had a look to the proposals today for the first day, and what to say, i.e. 84000 HBD per year to run a webpage is astronomical stupid and I never will support such things)


Thank you for your comment and questions. Please excuse us for the lateness of the response, for some reason we missed this thread.

We understand your concern about "growing another project for the sake of one's own growth". However, we believe that by delegating to the Chess Brothers team, delegators acquire several benefits that make the option attractive and therefore considered an investment. For example:

-They can receive a passive income, which is even more desirable for those hivers who are not actively voting on their own and run the risk of their VP going to waste.
-They can avoid having unnecessary losses due to sub-optimization, as we strive to maintain optimal curation.
-They can do this as a complement to the curation trails and their own venture.
-They can perceive liquid rewards without the need to powerdown their own accounts.
-They can feel as patrons of the project by supporting our work with their delegation.
-They can promote their image by being recognized as investors in our reports and spaces.
-They can opt for other benefits that we have in mind to offer (this is just the 1.0 plan, as you can read in the post).

Our team strives to deliver valuable content and engage with the community, and we believe the "Master Investor" plan can help us achieve those goals while providing benefits to our delegators.

We do not see this plan as a way of "begging" for delegations. We believe that does not adequately represent what we do and offer. We are a team of responsible professionals and we believe we have demonstrated that. We have invested a lot of resources in this project, not just in terms of HP. We can help you learn more about it if you wish.

We see this plan as a mutually beneficial opportunity for investors to get rewards and support a growing project. We understand that everyone's investment strategies and goals are different, and we respect your decision not to delegate.

Thank you again for your feedback, and please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.


Thanks for your answer which is much richer than I have expected. Some of the benefits I had not on my radar. I will rethink this.


Sorry for the delay for some wierd reason we missed this message. Thank you for your positive feedback on the Chess Brothers project and your interest in supporting it. It's great to see that you can count on us as we do with you.


Wow one year ago I wonder why I never seen you guys before



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