The Greatest Beer Run Ever

Every now and then I watch a movie that really hits the spot. It's pretty rare these days because there is a lot of un-original garbage being produced, but yesterday I watched The Greatest Beer Run Ever and I thought it was excellent. Based on a true story and set in the context of the Vietnam War it's not your typical war movie.


The story centers around a young American Civilian who has friends serving in the Vietnam conflict and while having a few drinks at the local pub he decides he is going to go over there and bring his brothers a beer. It's kind of an absurd idea from a guy who is naive, reckless and maybe a bit stupid, but I found his character to be very relatable. It's a compelling and unique story about brotherhood, morale and the bonds between those fighting and the family and friends back home.

The movie is well put together and it touches on a lot of important themes of the period and also the war. It asks questions about the validity of the war (like many do) but also about the protests of the time. Are the protestors for, or against the troops? What impact did these protests having on the troops themselves and what role should the Journalists be playing in the way they report on the war?

Its kind of a fun and entertaining movie while also tackling some very serious topics in a contentious period in time. It doesn't get too serious or dark, though there is a bit near the end that really copped me in the feels (no spoilers). In some ways I think this movie is a bit like Good Morning Vietnam which I put up there amongst the classics so if you enjoyed that one then you'll probably get a kick out of this story too. Check out the trailer below :-


I’ll have to give it a watch. I loved Good Morning Vietnam.


I was actually thinking of you when I wrote up this post. I reckon you'll like it.


is so hard see him and dnt remember high school musical
looks like a good movie


On the outside, this looks like a war movie, but watching the trailer, it looks more like a comedy movie, and you can never get enough of comedy movies; they're always interesting.

I love comedy movies Though I've not watched it, I'm looking forward to watching it.

Thanks for sharing, by the way; I'll really enjoy this.


I will see this because Zack Efron is in this production.