Development Update: And now for something completely different

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If you could picture John Cleese sitting on his desk at the beach sporting 1970's beach wear speaking into the microphone,

"and now for something completely different."

I was too scared to post something from a mainstream film production lest the people that know about copyright would probably come down on me like @bearbear613 slapping a fly on his table. With those hands, that's very hard!

Anyway, I haven't talked about CineTV much, if at all. That's because we are silently working in the background to make it profitable. Here are the problems that faced us when we gathered everyone around the CineTV table and spoke about what we were going to do:

  1. Inflation although slow is becoming somewhat burdensome
  2. If I buy back then it is only a short term solution
  3. We have no sinks for people to use their Cine. Right now you sell Cine for hive. That's it.
  4. Growing apathy amongst the wider community.

With all of these setbacks in mind we wanted to focus on a far longer term solution than just me spending my hive on buying up Cine and ending up with all the inflation myself. There needs to be somewhat of an ongoing revenue stream for the project so that I'm not having to constantly watch the sells. If we appreciate in price, buying back will be costly too.

That's where adsense will come in. We recently brought on board a lovely front end developer who has helped us piece together something for Cine that will work over the long term. In fact, because it's movies and TV we have been shown there are many ways we can monetise CineTV just starting with the front end -- which is exciting to say the least.

Currently visitors are at an all time low and we are projected to see between $8 and $12.50 per day on ads. This is just a projection though and rates may differ wildly. That being said it's the first step into cine sustainability, but not the last.

Money earned from adsense and other things will be swapped in for crypto and used to buy back and burn Cine. This will be ongoing. The more hype we get, the better the ad revenue so it's quite the paying for itself model.

That's not all that we plan to do with Cine. But all that I can openly say for now. If I can give you any hints then you should be looking and watching @stickupboys as to what they are doing with their influential reputation in Film and Media on Hive and how they are going about it.

We will be updating our website daily in blog format for the same purposes as CineTV. Extra marketing + extra ad revenue, which we will be using to fund our endeavours, team, et al.

Of course this just isn't all. There's a whole back end that you'll be able to play with; connect to brofi and see some stats, et al. This will hopefully be here in the next few days/ a week. See what happens but I'll keep you guys updated.

That's it for now I think.

Peace, my friends :)


Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 155 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!


Growing apathy is plaguing everything right now it seems.



It should work.) Waiting, accumulating, watching, and hoping for success!)


You know what would be cool... If you could use your CINE to buy movie tickets or subscription services. It would require you to set up some kind of real world conduit like they did in Cuba where you can pay your electric bill with HBD, but that would be an awesome use case for the CINE token.