What I'm Watching: A Bozz TV Guide



It's been a hot second, but my wife and I are finally getting around to watching some television again. For the past several months our nights have been filled with streaming softball games and various appointments.

That usually leaves the weekends for @mrsbozz and I to catch up on our shows. For your sake, I'm not going to include The Voice in my list of reviews. We have been watching that since the beginning and it is just a guilty pleasure for us. There isn't much to talk about anyway. People sing, America votes, blah blah blah.

Instead, I'd much rather talk about some of the streaming shows we have been watching. It's pretty rare that my wife and I watch anything in real time. Since we get up quite early each morning to workout before we head to work, she typically is in bed by 6:30 or 7:00 PM to read.

That gives me a sliver of time to watch maybe an hour episode of something before I head into bed myself to catch up on the latest crypto news and my Ecency comments.

As I said, the weekends are different. We often stay up past 10:00 PM watching episode after episode of whatever show we are binge watching that weekend.

So let's get to it:

The Recruit

We started watching "The Recruit" because we had recently finished watching the last episode in the season of "Alaska Daily". It was something that had been on my list for a while, but I just never got around to watching it.

The premise is a young CIA lawyer gets wrapped up in some international espionage. I wouldn't call it a comedy, but it definitely has some comedic elements in it. The characters are good, but I wouldn't say I really connected with them.

Without giving too much of a spoiler, there is something lazy about the lead character that just makes a lot of the show feel not genuine. Towards the end, some of that feeling goes away, but I kind of get the feeling this show is more about watching the lead character grow versus all the stuff that is orbiting around him.

Probably my favorite character in the whole thing was the boss played by Walter Nyland. He has bee in a lot of stuff and I am sure you will recognize him once you see him. We are definitely going to watch future episodes of this if Netflix doesn't cancel it. If you are looking for a good spy thriller though, I have a different recommendation for you.

The Night Agent

Without further ado, "The Night Agent", is the spy thriller I would suggest rather than The Recruit. They actually both have a sort of similar premise (at first), but they also both handle it in a very different way.

The Night Agent literally keeps you on the edge of your seat from the moment you start watching it. There are so many twists and turns that you honestly don't know until the end who is telling the truth and who is lying.

Loyalties flip so many times in this show that it's like a whirlwind to watch it.

A lot of the actors and actresses were new to me, but it was nice to see Kate Matchett in the role of the president. She was one of our favorite characters on the USA show Covert Affairs with Piper Perabo back in the day.

This is one of those shows where they do a couple episodes, then they suddenly switch to some other characters and you don't really know how it is all going to come together, but in the end it does.

I'm pretty good at figuring stuff out before the end, but even this one kept me guessing. It's a definite must watch! Oh yeah, it's available on Netflix.

Surviving R. Kelly Season 3

You are probably going to laugh at me, but @mrsbozz sucked me into watching the first two seasons of "Surviving R. Kelly" quite a while ago. It's pretty clear by watching those first two seasons Kelly is a talented and yet very disturbed man.

Season 3 take's it up to another level that I didn't even anticipate. Now that he has been convicted and the majority of the court process is over, new details have come to light that make this whole thing even more disturbing.

The first person accounts from the women who went through the abuse is gut wrenching. This guy is one sick mother. I mean we are talking stuff you probably have to dig into the deep corners of the Internet for.

If you have been following the case at all or even mildly interested in it, this one is a must watch. Some of it is overlap from the first two seasons, so if you are watching all three seasons at once, you are going to hear some of the same things multiple times.

Just be prepared for that.

Probably my favorite part of the show was them explaining why they chose to pursue RICO charges against him after the first sexual assault cases got dismissed. Kelly had quite the criminal enterprise running and unfortunately many young women (and men) were the victims of it.


Finally, my wife and I just started a FOX show called "Accused". This is a new series this year that is based on a show from the UK. I'm not sure if it has a similar name, but it is a serial show where each week there is a different episode with different characters and a different story.

My wife commented on how they were able to get so many big names to participate in this, but I guess when you only have to commit to one episode, it is probably pretty easy to get people to jump on board.

Names like Jason Ritter, Michael Chiklis, and Rachel Bilson, and Ian Anthony Dale should be familiar to you from countless other shows.

I've gotta be honest, this is a heavy show. After the first episode, we needed to take a break. If you watch and you know what my wife and I do for a living you will understand.

We are more than halfway through the first season and make no mistake when I tell you there is zero levity in this show. It's dark and brooding the whole way through so far. I can't even recall a single time I found myself laughing or even giggling at something in this show.

That doesn't mean it isn't good, but it's not something you are going to want to be a carefree view on a casual weekend.

I'm not going to rave about this one. My wife at one point said she was fine watching the rest of the season herself. Like her though, I am not a quitter and I plan on sticking it out. Whether we keep watching it if it gets renewed is another story.


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I don't know any of these shows. But that's not a surprise. I rarely have time to watch anything these days. I was really enjoying s3 of Picard, but then got busy and I still haven't been able to watch the final two episodes.

It is great that we don't have to be in a hurry these days, eh? Not like when we were kids where if you miss it you just gotta wait for a rerun and hope the rerun is the one you wanted to see. The make your own schedule is the best part of streaming.


Oh yeah, it was horrible back in the day. We had a bunch of VCR tapes that had shows on. Especially when there was two good shows on at the same time. Picard Season 3 was really good. I will be reviewing that in a future post.


It sounds like the Night Agent will be added to my watch list with many others.


Lol! I just had to comment that I can't believe that there's a show called Surviving R. Kelly.

Some of the shows look interesting. The heavy shows are hard for us as well. I felt that way about the Walking Dead. All misery and weight but no relief. I gotta have a little comedy relief!

We mostly watch SciFi with the odd drama-comedy like Ted Lasso.


My wife doesn't do SciFi, so that is the stuff that I watch by myself after she goes in to read. She doesn't do stupid comedy either, so some of those we don't watch together. Surviving R Kelly was a really interesting documentary. Just hearing how he preyed on young ladies and how big of an enterprise it actually was for him is scary. He is a sick sick man.

We never got into The Walking Dead, but my wife doesn't really do horror either :)


Hehe, I hear you. It can be hard when you have different tastes in shows. In the end you find a comfortable spot in the middle.

Yeah the R Kelly thing sounded nuts from the stories I have heard. So messed up.


Finally, my wife and I just started a FOX show called "Accused". This is a new series this year that is based on a show from the UK.

I saw some of these some time ago, and they were quite decent. I'm all series these days with 'Vikings' being the current one. I'm sure some of the Russians have disguised American accents :)


I'm on the fence about the show. I will keep watching it, but there are other shows I enjoy more. I haven't watched any of the Viking shows.