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It's been a hot second since I wrote one of these posts. So much so that I am actually quite a bit behind. I just pulled up Google Keep and looked at my list only to find that I have fifteen shows that either I have been watching or @mrsbozz and I have been watching together to share with you.

With college football season over, the NFL almost finished up, and winter upon us, this is the time of year that I usually get to watch a bit more shows. I figure I better get my list cleared out over a couple of posts before it starts stacking back up again!

I'm only going to throw a couple shows your way at a time, that way I don't overwhelm you. It does mean that I am going to have to split this up into a couple different posts, so I hope you don't mind too much.

I know 15 shows sounds like a lot, but we really don't watch that much TV. Most of the time, we just have the news or Court TV on because @mrsbozz likes to follow some of the cases that they show on there. Usually during the summer when school is out, she will find one particular case to follow and she takes a deep dive into it.

Typically we are only lucky enough to watch one episode of one show per night through the week. It's the weekends when we are really able to get our binge on.


Ahsoka is (or was) the latest offering on Disney Plus from the Star Wars universe. I really enjoyed the Ahsoka character in the brief screen time she had during the Mandalorian and other shows, so I was kind of excited about this one.

First off, it's important to pay attention to the spelling. For the longest time I was saying it as Ashoka and not Ahsoka. It's honestly not that big of a deal, but if you are unlucky enough to run into someone that still lives in their parents basement living and breathing Star Wars, they will likely correct you.

I found this one of my favorite offerings so far from the Star Wars universe of shows. Many argue that Andor was the best thing released as far as shows go, but I honestly found it a bit slow and boring. This was much better paced in my opinion.

I did realize about two episodes in that it helps if you watched the animated shows ahead of time to familiarize yourself with some of the characters. Beyond Ahsoka, it seemed implied that we were supposed to know many of the other characters. I did not, but I realize now if I had watched that other show, I probably would.

According to the Internet, Ahsoka takes place 11 years after the events of Star Wars A New Hope and about 8 years after Return of the Jedi.

It's a dang good show and if you are even a little bit of a Star Wars fan, I highly recommend it. Of course if you are purist, you are going to watch it simply to say you did.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

Also over on Disney Plus, I have also been trying to work my way through the Marvel Universe of shows. I got a little sidetracked and I have missed a couple of movies here and there thanks to the ongoing dispute between Sony and Disney with Spiderman I think, but I digress.

Quantumania was next up in my list of movies to watch. After having watched Loki season 1 and the second Dr. Strange movie, we have a pretty fair idea of what the quantum realm is now and the whole concept of parallel universes etc.

I really dig Paul Rudd in pretty much everything he does, but honestly, Qunatumania kind of fell flat for me. I mostly watched it because I felt I needed to watch it to maintain continuity with the Marvel universe. Sure, it added a little bit to the overall story and set things up for the new big bad, but I don't know...

In case you haven't heard, the guy who played the big bad "Kang" got in some trouble in real life and it is unlikely he is ever going to return to the Marvel Universe. That leaves Disney to pivot or try to recast the character. I think it's honestly up on the air now about what might happen.

Like I said, if you want to maintain continuity, you likely have to watch this movie, but if you honestly don't care. I'd skip it. By this point, most of you probably already have!

Big Brother

@mrsbozz and I have been watching Big Brother for quite some time now. They just wrapped up their 25th season or something like that and it seems to still be going strong. They have had their fair share of controversies over the years, but for the most part it is a relatively solid show.

I was telling @bdmillergallery the other day that we almost quit watching after the first couple of episodes this season, but we eventually ended up powering through and it wasn't too bad. There seemed to be a lot less drama this year than there has been in past years. Good for people that hate that sort of thing. Probably bad for the network who wants big headlines to drive viewership.

The basic premise is a group of people are locked in a house for a set number of days (60 to 100 or something like that) and you get to watch everything they do. Meanwhile, they have to compete in competitions and work together to vote other members out of the house. Last person standing wins.

One of the things I hate about Big Brother is the fact that it is such a huge commitment. They usually run the series during the late summer and it consists of three episodes per week for however many weeks it runs. Twelve or something like that. With most episodes being an hour long and some being two hours long, it's just a lot of content to sift through.

If you dig that sort of thing though, you can even subscribe to the live feeds and watch all the stuff that happens before it gets to the production editing floor. There has been some wild stuff the average viewer never gets to see. We don't personally do the after hours live feed thing, but my brother in law has in the past.

Despite my misgivings about Big Brother, it always seems to suck me in every year and I have to admit, this year I was quite pleased with who they ended up picking as the winner. He played a great game, it was really fun to watch.

That's all I have for this post. Three down, 12 more to go! Assuming I don't start watching something else!

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All pictures/screenshots taken by myself or @mrsbozz unless otherwise sourced



I've been watching the series “Big Brother”, which is certainly interesting, but yesterday I spent the day watching the four-part Netflix mini-documentary “Jeffrey Epstein, filthy rich”. I don't know if it's manipulation, but what is revealed there could be pure marketing; if true, the world is very calm.


I'm pretty sure we watched that a while ago. He was a pretty sick man along with all of his friends. I doubt we will ever know the full extent of his wrongdoings and accomplices.


I'm one of those who must finish a series every time I start it, sometimes I prefer miniseries because I can't stand waiting for another season, right now I'm watching Monarch and I feel a little behind and waiting for the premiere of Master of The Air 😎


Yeah, I am excited for the last episode of Monarch to come out in a couple of days. That show is a bit further down my list as I am going in chronological order of when I watched them. I am excited for Masters of the Air as well.


I’m not very much used to watching series but I think I should practice it
I’ve always seen good reviews of fantastic series
I’d give it a try


CineTV is a really great community here with tons of good posts. I think a lot of people try to get outside as much as possible and not watch as much TV as they used to.


I've never seen a single Big Brother episode, but I have seen the other two things you discussed here. I agree that Andor was a little slow and Ahsoka was paced much better. As for Quantumania... I hardly remember any of it. I don't think it was a horrible film, but there wasn't anything that really got me sucked in. Fortunately, I love huge universes so Disney continuing to expand on both Star Wars and Marvel makes me happy even if the individual pieces aren't always fantastic.


Yeah, I agree with your last statement. Big Brother is interesting to say the least.


They are all interesting movie shows. Of the three, Antman and the Wasp is the only one I've viewed. Will try out the other two whenever I have time. Thanks for the review.


I enjoyed Ahsoka, but hadn't seen the animated show (Rebels) that leads up to it. There's too many episodes to work through. It looks like more Andor is coming.

Ant Man was fun, but very silly. I feel that Marvel in general is too over the top at times. There's a new show Echo about the deaf woman in Hawkeye that starts this week. I may give it a look. It looks more low-key.

I assume you have a US version of Big Brother. I never got into the UK one. I am just not into that sort of reality show where people tend to play up for the cameras.

I will do a post on what I've been watching.


Yeah, I have to work my way to Echo, but I will definitely watch it. I've been watching a lot of stuff on Apple TV Plus lately. It's one of the cheaper streaming services.


I've not used Apple TV. I accept that I can't watch everything.


I have no idea about Ahsoka. I still haven't even watched the Mandalorian. I'm a huge Western fan so everyone tells me I'd love the Mandalorian. I just haven't gotten around to it.


I can see why they would say that to you.


I don't watch Big Brother but agree with you so much on Ahsoka and Ant Man.


Big Brother definitely isn't for everyone.


We tape.. I mean DVR (hehe).. Big Brother and binge watch on one day of the week and try not to read the spoilers. It's hard to commit to three days a week in the summer.

Do you watch Survivor or Amazing Race? Amazing Race I used to like but now it comes on too late and I don't want to tape yet another show to watch.. plus I don't miss the constant feeling of anxiety the show gave me while watching. Maybe I'll go back to reruns of The Office and Seinfeld. 😊


You can never go wrong with The Office or Seinfeld. Absolute classics. My wife hates the Office, so I usually watch the reruns after she goes to bed. That's how we watch Big Brother as well. Since we got to bed fairly early, staying up to watch the episodes live is never an option. We don't watch either of those other shows.


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