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The 140th weekly edition of ArchonTribe News is now available online.

We have news about Archon, contests, winners, and rewards from ArchonTribe-powered communities.




πŸ‘‰ About Archon ecosystem

  • Archon token is in function again. Read more here!
  • New Archon site is live! You can check there your ARCHON earnings.
  • The Archon ownership and governance system has started changing. Read more here.
  • Archon is in the change management and governance process, so all automated tools and services are stopped until the process is complete.
  • Most likely the DVS and DHEDGE tokens will not be supported anymore in the future. Suggestion: Undelegate your staked H-E tokens. Read more here!
  • In the meantime, we will continue to publish ArchonTribe news, winners, rewards and contests.
    We're always coming back!

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Shadow Hunters (SMaSh) - Show me a Shadow contest round 322, hosted by @melinda010100.
Winners are (in no particular order): @hjrrodriguez, @suzana72, @adinapoli, @miprimerconcurso, @jaci11, @kvinkyl, @roky, @jlufer, @paweland, and @ansoe.
Each winner received 300 Ecency POINTS by @ecency, 3 LOH by @ladiesofhive, 2 QUEERH by @queercoin, 2 LEN by @seckorama, 2 ARCHON by @ecoinstant, 1 HSBI by @melinda010100, 1HSBI by @thebighigg.

Honorable mentions @shamis, @carmenrivas, @lesmann.
Each received 100 Ecency POINTS, 2 ARCHON by @ecoinstant, 40 FOODIE by @sirenahippie, 1 HSBI from @melinda010100, and 1 HSBI by @thebighigg.

Each participant received an Ecency Points tip.


You can enter Shadow Hunters/SMaSh contest round 323 here, rewards 26 ARCHON, 30 LOH, 20 QUEER, 20 LEN, 120 FOODIE, 26 HSBI, and 2300 Ecency POINTS!

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Reflection Hunters contest round 168, hosted by @olgavita.
Winners are (in no particular order): @gunting, @golden.future, @zihad11, @usagigallardo015, @captainman.
Each received 1 HIVE coin from the prize fund, 200 Ecency Points donated by @ecency, and @olgavita, 2 LOH donated by @silversaver888, and 2 Foodie tokens by @melinda010100.

Honorable mentions @lilideleopolis, @jlufer, @castri-ja, and @mysteriousroad.
They received 100 Ecency points each.

Each participant received an Ecency Points tip.


Enter Reflection Hunters contest round 169 here, rewards 5 Hive, and 1800 Ecency POINTS!

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Feathered Friends - SMaP (Show Me A Photo) Contest 167 by @nelinoeva.
Winners are (in no particular order) @nenio, @vm2904, @apnigrich, @miprimerconcurso, and @lovely321.
Each received 2 HIVE, 600 Ecency Points by @barbara-orenya.
Also, 0,05 HP by @sagarkothari88.


Enter Feathered Friends - SMaP (Show Me A Photo) Contest round 168 here!, rewards 10 Hive and 3000 Ecency points.

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Feel Good - Phonography/Phone Photography Contest - 09 hosted by @untilwelearn.
Winners are @castri-ja, @manuelgil64, and @ekavieka.
Each received 1 HSBI token and 501 Ecency points.

51 Ecency Points were sent to all entries who followed the rules.


Enter Feel Good - Phonography/Phone Photography Contest - 10 here!
Rewards 1503 Ecency points by @melinda010100 and 3 HSBI by @alokkumar121.

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Ladies of Hive Contest #186, hosted by @ladiesofhive. Winners are:

First place
@honeydue for the post An Unkindness on Parents;
She received a Grand Prize of 3 Hive, 10 LOH tokens, 4 QEERH tokens, and 300 Ecency Points.

@emrysjobber for the post Concept of parenthood: Necessary qualities expected of a parent to possess;
Received 2 HIVE, 10 LOH tokens, 3 QUEERH tokens, and 150 Ecency Points.

@amiegeoffrey for the post The Pillars Of My Life;
@d-honeyb for the post A Heartfelt Letter to My Mother;
@marilour for the post You are, my memorable adventure;
@ministeringpen23 for the post THE GIFT OF PRESENCE.

Each received 1 HIVE, 10 LOH tokens, 2 QUEERH tokens, and 50 Ecency Points.

@sagarkothari88 sends a small amount of actual HIVE POWER (HP) directly to everyone's accounts on the Winners List! Thank you for doing this for the LOH community! πŸ’œ

Everyone who participated received a LADY (LOH) token.


Enter Ladies of Hive Contest #187 here!
Rewards 10 Hive, 50 LOH, 13 QUERH tokens and 600 Ecency Points.

Vote For Ladies of Hive Author of the Week #185.

Do You Want A T-Shirt?


You are ALL invited to participate in these contests!

If you decide to post in these communities, please READ CAREFULLY the terms, conditions, and rules for each contest.

There are more than 50 HIVE rewards in contests pools, more than 10000 @ecency POINTS, and many other tokens (ARCHON, LEN, CINE, QUEER, Lady(LOH), and more)

Did you know that all ArchonTribe communities distributed $164.424,00 in rewards in 2023? Source

15.428 members of these communities could get it!

Feel free to ask this and many other questions in The Official Archon/UpFundMe Discord channel.


The Future Is Bright!

Stay tuned!


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